How Data Saves Marine Lives

 Data Saves Marine Lives : Coronavirus, environmental concerns, ever-growing business competition – the world is changing increasingly quickly.

As new elements emerge more and more rapidly, they need to be taken advantage of. When they become threats, they need to be mitigated – fast.

Why do you need increasingly accurate data?

Such a volatile, changeable environment means businesses can’t rely just on past experience. Instead, they need to understand the exact current situation they face in order to make the right decisions.

It is therefore critical to have an accurate understanding of where you’re placed in relation to:

  • Your competitors
  1. Fail to meet safety standards and you put lives at risk.
  • The latest industry issues.

This is because you always face 2 key requirements:

  1. Fall behind your competitors and risk losing out on business.

To keep crew safety paramount while driving business forward, you need the right information.

Your fleet’s make up is unique; but the situations you face may not be. The data collected from your own vessels is crucial. However, it is more powerful when combined with experience from many other shipping companies. High impact events are rare – this means we need to pool our data in order to prevent them.

Using data to improve maritime safety

By knowing where to focus your safety efforts, you can make small, proactive changes to prevent major catastrophes.

Access to accurate data analysis means you can not only see how safe your fleet is currently, but what is likely to happen in the future. With this information:

  1. You know exactly how effective your fleet is at managing safety
  2. You manage what your fleet needs now, rather than your historical issues, or other people’s risks
  3. You protect your seafarers by taking the right action at the right time
  4. Above all – you save lives on the seas.

HiLo’s fleet safety decision-support system

No one shipping company has enough high impact incidents to generate the data needed for analysis – and you wouldn’t want to. We need the granularity of internal shipping data multiplied on a large scale to see patterns.

HiLo’s customers provide their full internal data for analysis. HiLo standardises information from many different data sets and processes it with our world-leading statistical analysis. We transform this big data into a simple decision-making tool, so you know where and how to act.

Read more about ‘Using Big Data for Maritime Risk Management‘.

Quantifying the value of data

We strive to continually increase the depth and accuracy of our data, and we have recently made a further huge breakthrough.

Using our analysis, you can now quantify the number of injuries and costs that can be avoided by focusing on the biggest risks to your fleet. With this quantitative analysis, it makes it much easier to justify which actions to take to maximise your safety and efficiency.

Use our data to improve your vessel safety

At HiLo, we have a huge amount of data from our 4,000 strong fleet, which increases constantly. This is further backed by expert review and analysis.

Our key focus is to get the maritime industry to make better, more informed decisions. We focus on being a decision-support system, with information that is easy to use to provide effective safety improvements. HiLo identifies the incidents that are likely to occur on your vessels and the best ways to keep everyone, and everything, safe.

All data is anonymous, so as a customer you can submit all safety data without fear of repercussions.

Join HiLo today

HiLo has the largest database of leading events in the industry, giving us the most accurate analysis and the trust of more than 50 of the world’s leading shipping companies.

Our fleet is made up of over 4,000 vessels, and we provide a wide range of services for various vessel types. Request a HiLo demo today and join the fleet.


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