Risk Hawk – your best tool for audit compliance

The number of compliance elements you need to check can be overwhelming. Risk Hawk consolidates audit and inspection data for you, so you can prioritise actions and get better results from each third-party audit. 

Information Overload

Information Overload

Shipping companies can’t effectively prioritise audit requirements, because audit and inspection data is not shared

Unpredictable Assessments

Unpredictable Assessments

Each auditor and inspector has different priorities, making it difficult for vessels to know where to focus their efforts. 

What’s the Solution?

You need information to be prepared for every audit, inspection and port visit. Risk Hawk collects and standardises PSC, SIRE and CDI data and brings it to your fingertips. We bring you the insights you need to sail smoothly through your audits. 

Centralised Audit Data

Centralised Audit Data

Risk Hawk brings an industry’s worth of audit and inspection data into one secure, central hub. 

Step 1
Easy Access

Easy Access

Simple filtering and download makes it easy to get the right information to the right vessel at the right time. 

Step 2
Reduced Safety Observations

Reduced Safety Observations

Risk Hawk helps you focus your attention where it matters, helping you avoid safety observations. 

Step 3

HiLo Unveils Risk Hawk: Empowering Safety at Sea

HiLo is proud to introduce Risk Hawk, an innovative tool designed to enhance safety awareness and empower proactive risk management on board your vessel. By consolidating data from port-based safety observations like SIRE, CDI, and PSC inspections, Risk Hawk provides a centralised view for both sea and shore staff. 

Risk Hawk goes beyond simply reporting past observations. The data offers valuable insights into frequently encountered issues at specific ports. By highlighting these areas, crews can proactively address potential risks in advance of audits, reducing your chances of noncompliance. 

With Risk Hawk’s customisable PDF reports, information is presented in a clear and concise format, facilitating effective communication and collaboration between shore and sea teams. This empowers a culture of proactive risk awareness and accident prevention, making Risk Hawk a valuable addition to your vessel’s safety toolkit. 

Risk Hawk:

Introducing Risk Hawk, your new on-board ally for enhanced safety. This innovative tool from HiLo consolidates data from port-based safety observations, SIRE and CDI inspections, providing sea and shore staff with a centralised view. 

Risk Hawk empowers you: 

  • Gain port-specific insights: Office staff can access data for specific ports and share relevant information with vessels before arrival. 
  • Focus on potential risks: By sharing targeted observations, crews can prioritise areas needing attention, increasing overall safety awareness. 
  • Proactive audit management: While not formally risk-based, the data offers valuable insights into frequently encountered issues, enabling proactive risk mitigation. 
  • Easy access and sharing: Generate customisable PDF reports for selected ports, ensuring relevant information reaches your crew. 

Risk Hawk reflects HiLo’s unwavering commitment to safety. By equipping teams with targeted insights, we foster a culture of proactive risk awareness and prevention, keeping your ship and crew secure. 

ISM compliance

Benefits of Risk Hawk

Risk Hawk untangles the complex web of data, giving you a clear view of the issues identified at each port or inspection. Be better prepared for each unique audit, and let Risk Hawk increase your chances of success. 

Focus Resources

Risk Hawk shows you the common issues identified at each port or inspection, so you can avoid non-compliances. 

Share Data

Risk Hawk data is easy to download and send to your vessels, giving them the correct resources for each audit or inspection.

Clear Insights

Filter Risk Hawk data for any port around the world. Remove the noise, and see only what is relevant for your vessels. 

Key Features

Effortless data upload reveals the true picture of your maritime risk. HiLo shines a light on the human factors that truly impact safety.

Easy Upload

Easy Upload

Our automatic system transfers data with one click. No need to start collecting new types of data. HiLo can calculate human reliability risk based on the information you already collect.

Human Error Analysis

Human Error Analysis

Pulse analyses your whole fleet to find the drivers of human error. Simple, clear and prioritised, you can see exactly where to act, and where your crew already excel.

Practical Action

Practical Action

Access a wealth of actions from industry experts tailored to your specific risks. Data from over 50 shipping companies means we know how to tackle human error – take a look for yourself.

Request a Demo & Take Control of Your Audits

Tired of information overload during audits and inspections? Risk Hawk streamlines compliance by consolidating audit data (PSC, SIRE, CDI) into a centralised, easy-to-use information data management system. 

Request a demo today and see how Risk Hawk can help you: 

  • Prioritise actions and improve audit results with clear port-specific insights. 
  • Focus resources on avoiding common safety observations at each port. 
  • Empower your teams with easy data access and sharing. 

Don’t let data chaos hold you back. Take control, request your Risk Hawk demo now!