Driving maritime transformation

Pinpoint, our world-leading safety decision-making system and risk decision tool has changed the game for the maritime industry. But that is just the beginning.

The maritime industry needs innovation – and we are helping deliver it. We are accelerating digitalization across the maritime supply chain and demonstrating the benefits of digitalization in the shipping industry.

Pinpointing your risks

Our first great innovation and now core product, Pinpoint , transformed maritime safety. This risk decision tool for the maritime industry shows exactly what is going wrong on your vessels; and also warns you of future issues. We give you the power to manage risk for your fleet for the long term.

Data – opening the door to innovation

We can only provide the best analysis, advice and solutions if we have the best – and biggest – data set in the industry. And we do.

By building a trusted maritime knowledge centre, we have encouraged greater sharing of data than the industry has ever seen. We collect over 500,000 data points yearly from more than 3,500 vessels across 55+ companies, and the effect on maritime safety, crew safety and fleet safety for our members over just the last year (2020-2021) is transformative:

• A 5% reduction in spills
• An 8% reduction in injuries
• An overall incident reduction of 12%.

Your fleet is unique, but the situations you face rarely are. Our big data can provide the best answers from across the industry.

Finding and prioritising risks

We are now developing an industry-first: My Safety Strategy (MISS) is a complete safety solution that ensures you can both discover and eliminate current issues, and anticipate and prevent future risks. [1] MISS gives you a clear action plan, based on Pinpoint analysis, so you can act in the areas which will have the most impact.

Solving and preventing risks

We can also tell you exactly how to solve issues you face, so you can act quickly to save money, time and lives.

Buzz, our monthly fleetwide analysis, covers the 2 or 3 key issues affecting our customers’ fleets. Buzz brings together shore-side and onboard safety management into one consistent plan. It means you know not only what is wrong in the industry, but how to solve it.

Buzz is simultaneously available shipside and shoreside to create cohesive safety actions. This shared knowledge prevents specific incidents occurring multiple times across the industry.

Buzz combines our existing, proven HiLo analysis with relevant information from CHIRP (a voluntary reporting, incident-analysis platform based on real and extensive data), and expertise and advice from UKP&I (one of the world’s largest marine insurers).

CHIRP investigates the causes of past incidents in unrivalled detail and precision, based on the information it receives from shipping companies and mariners’ real-life experiences. This complements HiLo’s ability to use that data to analyse what will happen in the future.

UKP&I provide training to manage and eliminate industry risks they have uncovered. Critically, this includes issues your mariners have never faced and have no practical experience in dealing with, giving you brand-new resources to tackle risks.

Groundbreaking maritime human reliability analysis

We are delivering the first-ever quantifiable analysis of human reliability and the human factor in maritime accidents.
The question we want to ask is: ‘how can we improve human reliability?’ We have made a huge breakthrough, establishing a human reliability model that quantifies the drivers and impact of human behaviour on maritime risk.
BSM, Shell, Scorpio Group, Northern Marine, Stolt and Gaslog are among those sharing their people-related data with us to improve safety for their crew members.

Improved seafarer wellbeing for improved safety

Seafarer wellbeing is increasingly critical to improving maritime, fleet and crew safety. Your people are your most important asset, and we want to help you make them more confident, comfortable and prepared to face dangerous situations.

We are piloting technology to collect, analyse and improve seafarer mental health and wellbeing. By learning more about maritime human reliability and how to reduce maritime human error we can help you provide the best environment for your crew. Using Artificial Intelligence, we aim to provide you with the best information about risks to your crew’s mental health as early as possible.
Safetytech Accelerator, Audeering and TORM are combining their expertise with HiLo to develop this pilot project.

Collaborate to innovate

We partner with maritime organisations to improve the industry through experience and innovation. HiLo has also created the Informal Bulker Operators’ Safety Forum (IBOSF), where we encourage bulker operators to talk to each other, share knowledge, and thus solve and prevent common risks. No such forum for bulkers existed until we created it, and achieving maritime safety improvements for these vessels was therefore difficult – until now.

HiLo’s digital transformation innovation partners

The first fully dedicated technology accelerator focused on safety and risk in industrial sectors and critical infrastructure.

A world-leading innovator in voice AI which can detect emotions and health information from the voice

With a history that spans over 132 years, TORM has innovated and grown into one of the world’s leading product tanker companies.

INTERCARGO provides a forum for dry bulk shipowners, managers and operators to address safety, the environment and operational excellence.

One of the oldest P&I clubs in the world. For a safer tomorrow at sea, UK P&I is championing best industry practice and investing in innovation.

CHIRP is contributing to maritime safety worldwide, by providing a totally independent confidential (not anonymous) reporting system.

Innovate with us for safer seas

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