Making A Difference To Crew Safety

Making A Difference To Crew Safety– We at HiLo are pleased to announce that we have received Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s (LR) 10th Anniversary Impact Award in relation to maritime safety. Maritime safety is HiLo’s biggest priority, and we are so happy to have made such an impact.

Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s Mission

Lloyd’s Register Foundation is an independent global charity that aims to improve the safety of life at sea, on land and in the air.

LR makes a difference through supporting engineering-related research, training and public education within the transportation industries and other engineering and technological disciplines. Doing so allows them to really make a difference when it comes to improving critical infrastructure that is extremely important in areas like energy, food and transport.

The conference

The foundation’s 2022 two-day hybrid conference showcased the global impact of their work over the past decade. LR hosted a big debate on ‘profit with purpose’ which highlighted how organisations can play an important role in wider society. Organisations from all around the world were there to offer their support.

This impactful conference covered many important topics. This included safety in a post-Covid world, creating and maintaining safe and sustainable oceans, as well as the importance of social purpose business, the future of industrial safety, the true value of safety and more.

An Award that makes a Difference

LR chose HiLo for their award based on the impact the organisation has made over the last 10 years.

What impact exactly? ‘A sustained, meaningful change in the real world’. HiLo sought to create change through improving maritime safety for the better.

In the past ten years there have been more than 2,000 casualties at sea. Shipping has been found to be 25 times riskier than aviation based on death rates.

Over the past few decades, the safety record of the international tanker industry has shown improvement through the application of regulatory situations, training, technology and learning from incidents. But this has not stopped the annual rate of all ship losses and fatalities from remaining really high.

Data as Key

Safety for those at sea has a lot to do with how data is handled.

In the past safety data in the maritime industry has been under lock and key. Information was only publicly available after an incident had happened. Unfortunately, this information was very specific to individual circumstances, which made it hard to transfer learnings. It was also very time consuming and was based on rare events, leading to long lead times and low data volumes.

HiLo’s Decision Support System (DSS) helps guide shipping companies through every stage of data interrogation. Shipping companies can see their top risks, as well as how these risks occur. Marine professionals can now justify every safety decision thanks to the best information available in the industry. HiLo has created a more meaningful output for shipping companies, based on the science of behavioural economics. This can then provide the best tools for shipping companies to understand the data we make available to them. These carefully crafted visuals help mariners easily understand where, how and why they need to act.

Building Data Efficiency

HiLo saves you the time looking through mountains of data, making sure to spot anything that might be missed through older traditional data extraction methods. By using big data, HiLo shows you the areas of high risk aboard your vessels and helps you to make the small changes to stop incidents from happening.

Instead of focusing on individual events, HiLo has worked to create a whole ecosystem of cause and effect, helping shipping companies predict where issues will put their vessels in danger. This includes the small-scale leading events which can result in high impact incidents.

Developing with Lloyd’s Register Foundation

As partners, HiLo and LR set up a Joint Industry Partnership to prove that High Impact Low Frequency incidents could be avoided. We have proven that shipping companies do in fact want to share their data. Having this granular, internal data is hugely important for effective analysis and is key to preventing incidents.

Protecting your Data

Shipping companies in the past have hesitated to share safety data due to fears of repercussions, security breaches and reputational damage.

HiLo has worked to change that. We make sure to keep you protected. We are ISO27001 certified which means data security is at the top of our list. Our platform is safe and secure where shipping companies know their data is anonymised and protected.

HiLo’s Community

HiLo has 55 shipping companies with 4 different vessel types which share every part of their safety data in return for world-leading statistical analysis. We have overcome the standardisation barrier. Our AI not only collects information from every data set, but standardises it, so that no information is lost.

We have over 200 years of experience in the maritime industry. We work directly with real-life maritime experts, receiving information from over 4,000 vessels so we can make sure our service is rooted in exactly what the maritime industry needs to improve safety at sea.

HiLo has created the first truly global community. We have tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and OSVs from all around the world who share information and learn from one another how they can improve safety for every crew at sea.

Want to be a part of the change to sea crew safety? 



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