Unlock the power of data to save lives

Power of data to save lives : What can we do to improve the safety of those at sea? We all know that being a crew member on any type of vessel comes with its own set of risks. The question is: how do we best go about managing these risks to prevent disaster later?

When it comes to your data,  how can you manage it most effectively so that your crew remains safe at sea?

HiLo is here to help. Our maritime safety decision-making system distils hundreds of thousands of data points into clear, practical insights. We identify the areas of high risk in your fleet to help you avoid serious incidents in the future.

How it works

Our system uses big data to help you spot potential incidents aboard your vessels. HiLo collects, standardises and analyses the data to show you where and how to act to ensure your crew stays protected.

We look at every data set from our customers, spotting hidden risks that nobody else can. HiLo gives you the opportunity to be proactive. Rather than waiting to investigate incidents after the fact, HiLo shows you where to make small changes to prevent harm occurring in the first place.

HiLo does this all whilst making sure that any data you submit to us is anonymised and stored in the strictest confidence. We are ISO27001 certified which means we work to the highest standards of data security.

Safety Solutions

As mariners ourselves, we know how time-consuming it can be to troll through safety data. Using the latest AI technology, HiLo speeds the process up, collecting and standardising information from every data set.

Our world-leading statistical analysis identifies the highest risks to your fleet, so you always know that you are focusing on the most important issues. HiLo shows you how to make small changes to create the biggest impact on crew safety.

It doesn’t end there. To see the effectiveness of your actions, HiLo has launched a new feature – ‘Stats vs Actuals’. This gives you the opportunity to compare our statistical calculations with the number of incidents you have experienced in real life. This allows you to see the results of the actions you have taken to prevent incidents, as well as pinpoint the crew injuries and cost you may have prevented.

Action through Community

When you join us, you receive not only your own personalised risk profile, but also anonymised insights from the combined HiLo fleet. Our safety benchmarking is the most accurate in the industry; we give you the chance to see where issues are unique to your fleet or endemic to the industry.

Benchmarking is broken down by type, so you can see exactly where you are leading and where you might be falling behind.

Driven by Maritime Experience

HiLo’s team has over 200 years of experience in the maritime industry. By working directly with vessel managers, we can ensure that our service is rooted in exactly what the maritime industry needs to improve safety at sea. We want to provide you with the information you really need to make decisions with confidence.

But high volumes of data are only valuable if they can be turned into real insights. By sharing your data with us, you are in turn benefiting from our comprehensive ecosystem of cause-and-effect relationships This big data gives us the most in-depth understanding of how leading indicators turn into potentially fatal incidents. Armed with this knowledge, you can stop disasters in their tracks.

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