PinPoint Solves the Industry Problem

The ocean holds hidden dangers, and accidents still claim lives and vessels. We rely on reactive safety, patching holes after leaks spring, scrambling after incidents occur. But what if we could see the cracks before they erupt? What if maritime safety wasn’t just about responding, but incident prevention? No one shipping company has enough incident data for predictive analysis. So, how do we move towards proactive safety? 

Reactive Safety Management

Reactive Safety Management

Rather than being pro-active; relies on learning from incidents after they have happened. Shipping companies need to be able to prevent accidents, not just investigate them.

Restricted Data Sharing

Restricted Data Sharing

The maritime industry operates in silos, keeping near misses and safety issues under lock and key. This means companies miss out on crucial learnings from others, making everyone more vulnerable. 

Subjective Risk Management

Subjective Risk Management

Focusing solely on past incident frequency paints an incomplete picture. Relying on personal opinions can miss hidden dangers, making safety measures less effective. 

What’s the Solution?

Maritime incident prevention relies on big data and proactive risk management. Over a million data points create the world’s biggest resource for preventing maritime incidents. HiLo’s Risk profiling transforms seas of unstructured data into the basis for decisive action. 

Proactive Safety Management

Proactive Safety Management

HiLo’s risk profiling identifies the risk of future incidents, so you can make changes before an incident occurs. Prevent incidents altogether to protect your crew. 

Step 1
Anonymised Data Sharing

Anonymised Data Sharing

Over 50 shipping companies share their full internal data with HiLo, creating the biggest safety database in the industry.  

Step 2
Objective Risk Management

Objective Risk Management

Analysis is built on solid data and proven statistics, making it 98% accurate. HiLo’s maritime predictive analytics show you which actions will have the biggest impact on maritime incident prevention. 

Step 3

Navigate Beyond Guesswork: HiLo's Pinpoint

Forget reacting to accidents. Pinpoint empowers you to prevent maritime incidents through:

  • Objective: Data-driven insights, not subjective guesswork.
  • Personalised: Uncover your fleet’s unique risks, not generic warnings.
  • Actionable: Translate insights into clear steps for maximizing safety.
  • Collaborative: Learn from anonymized industry data, benefitting everyone.

Pinpoint charts a course towards a safer future. Request a demo and join the journey.

Pinpoint – About the Product

Forget surface-level warnings. Pinpoint dives deep, using predictive analytics to examine your unique data to prevent maritime incidents. Our world-leading stats reveal hidden vulnerabilities, tailored just for your fleet.

  • Rank risks: Identify high-impact threats lurking near.
  • Drill down: Uncover root causes behind each risk, allowing proactive interventions.
  • Benchmark: Compare your safety against industry trends, pinpoint areas for improvement.

Pinpoint doesn’t just analyse, it empowers action:

  • Action plans: Get clear, tailored steps to mitigate specific risks.
  • Measure impact: Track how your actions prevent incidents and save lives.
  • Stay informed: Access industry resources to constantly upgrade your safety practices.

Pinpoint equips you with the foresight to navigate a safer future.

Benefits of Pinpoint

Foresight, not hindsight: Pinpoint delivers objective risk assessments, guiding strategic safety initiatives to prevent maritime incidents.

Risk Ranking

Maritime predictive analytics show the complete picture of your fleet safety, prioritised by risk.

Risk Details

Drill down into the drivers of each risk – where are the gaps in your safety management?

Trend Analysis

See how your risk levels change over time in response to your safety campaigns.


Compare your fleet safety against the rest of the industry. Where are you leading the pack, and where do you need to catch up?


HiLopedia leverages technology to analyse all safety-related data, giving you a clear understanding of issues and trends behind your fleet incidents.

Impact Measurement

Show your impact. HiLo identifies where your actions have saved money and prevented maritime incidents.

Key Features

Effortless data upload reveals hidden risks, empowering data-driven action plans for a safer fleet.

Easy Upload

Easy Upload

Our automatic system transfers data with one click. No need to troll through data. No need to standardise. HiLo makes it simple.

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

HiLo’s maritime predictive analytics transform your data into a clear, prioritised risk profile. We show you what is really important.

Practical Action

Practical Action

Access a wealth of actions from industry experts tailored to your specific risks. Don’t reinvent the wheel – use proven solutions from real mariners to prevent maritime incidents.

Chart a Safer Course with Pinpoint: Request Your Demo Today!

Tired of reactive safety? Pinpoint predicts risks before they strike, using anonymised data from over 50 companies and world-leading statistics. See clear, tailored action plans to proactively protect your crew and vessels.

Pinpoint offers:

Objective, 98% accurate analysis: Ditch gut feeling for data-driven insights.

Personalized risk ranking: Identify high-impact threats unique to your fleet.

Actionable steps: Get expert-backed solutions to mitigate specific risks.

Join the journey towards maritime incident prevention. Request your free Pinpoint demo today!