• Who Are We?

    We are a company made up of mariners, technology experts and statisticians driven by a mission to save lives at sea. High impact, low frequency (HiLo) incidents are notoriously difficult to predict, and are disastrous for crews, vessels and the environment. Our innovative approach means that shipping companies need no longer be taken by surprise.

    Working with some of the leading names in the industry, we have developed a system to identify and prevent the greatest risks to lives at sea.

  • Our Story

    Our team has first-hand experience of maritime incidents. Inspired by the stories of friends and colleagues, a group of seafarers from different companies got together to ask ‘how do we prevent high impact incidents?’.

    By joining forces across the industry, the original HiLo team proved that it was possible to see upcoming incidents in day-to-day shipping data. In 2016, 10 leading ships joined the HiLo Pilot, sharing their internal records in return for a new kind of statistical analysis.

    They saw dramatic results which proved that HiLo could work in the real world, giving HiLo the information we needed to make our analysis even better.

  • How we can help you

    Our decision support system uses big data to help you spot potential incidents threatening your fleet. Our analysis uses never before shared data to identify the highest risks to your crew.

    HiLo gives you your very own digital HSE manager, complete with experience from over 4000 vessels, skilled in showing you where and how you need to act.

    Try it out today with our free demo.

  • Why share with us?

    HiLo is ISO27001 certified. This means data security is at the top of our list.

    All information submitted to HiLo is anonymised and stored in the strictest confidence.

    Stay protected whilst protecting others.

  • Awards

    HiLo is happy to have made an impact on the maritime industry’s mission to keep seafarers safe. Since our incorporation we have received many different awards and nominations including:

    • Lloyd’s List Global Awards “Safety Award”
    • Safety at Sea’s “Best Safety Service of the Year”
    IET’s “Safety Tech” Award

Simple but effective

HiLo wants to help you identify and manage areas of high risk to your fleet. Our DSS helps you learn how vessels operate and how certain incidents arise.

You can take preventative measures to stop disasters happening as a result.

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