• Who Are We?

    We are mariners, technology experts and statisticians driven by a mission to save lives at sea. High impact, low frequency (HiLo) incidents are always in the news, but they are notoriously difficult to predict. These events are disastrous for crews, vessels and the environment. Our innovative approach identifies the small-scale issues leading up to maritime disasters, giving shipping companies the chance to act before it's too late.

    Working with some of the leading names in the industry, we have developed a series of practical tools, giving ship manager the power to harness big data analytics to prevent maritime catastophes.

  • Our Story

    Our team understands the impact of maritime incidents. Inspired by personal experience and stories of friends and colleagues, a group of seafarers from different companies got together to ask ‘how do we prevent high impact incidents?’. This was the birth of HiLo.

    HiLo discovered that with enough data from enough shipping companies, we can predict these high impact incidents. By identifying the clues which appear as issues escalate, we give shipping companies the chance to act before warning signals turn into catastrophes.

    Pinpoint, our analysis tool, was piloted by 10 leading shipping companies and peer reviewed by Imperial College London and The Alan Turing institute. Pinpoint has been joined by our suite of knowledge sharing services, which are now relied on by over 50 shipping companies around the world.

  • How we can help you

    Your data in one place: Your own data collected automatically and available to you in a single, secure cloud database. Check out our data consolidation services today.

    The most accurate risk analysis: A complete, tailored risk profile, prioritised for greatest impact for your crew. Find out about Pinpoint.

    Your tailored safety strategy: Our safety strategy is unique to the needs of your vessels. Discover when, where and how to act to protect your crew. Explore the benefits of MISS.

  • How can you help us

    Our decision support system uses big data to help you spot potential incidents threatening your fleet. Our analysis uses never before shared data to identify the highest risks to your crew.

    HiLo gives you your very own digital HSE manager, complete with experience from over 4000 vessels, skilled in showing you where and how you need to act.

    Try it out today with our free demo.

  • Why share with us?

    Sharing data with HiLo gives your access to the best analysis in the industry.

    We understand the sensitively of maritime safety data. To ensure your data is always protected, we are ISO27001 certified. This means that we keep to the highest levels of information security in every part of our business.

    All information shared with HiLo is anonymised and stored in a secure database. You can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

  • Awards

    It's always satisfying to have your work recognised, and HiLo has not been short of recognition. From Lloyd's List to the Institution of Engineering and Technology, HiLo has won awards for our innovations and world-changing impact on maritime safety.

    • HiLo wins Lloyd's Register Foundation Impact Award
    • HiLo shortlisted for Safety4Sea Safety Award
    HiLo shortlisted for The Maritime Standard Safety and Security Award.

Simple but effective

HiLo wants to help you identify and manage areas of high risk to your fleet. Our DSS helps you learn how vessels operate and how certain incidents arise.

You can take preventative measures to stop disasters happening as a result.

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