Maritime Safety Doesn’t Have to Be ExpensiveMaritime SafetyMaritime Safety Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Maritime Safety Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Maritime Safety

Cost-effective maritime safety solutions: Safety is a huge consideration as a maritime company. But when your business has so many critical operations, prioritising safety management can be difficult.

We all know it is critical to prioritise safety. The success of your organisation is heavily affected by the quality of your safety and risk management.

Safety is a significant, growing driver of overall business success. Consider environmental impact: an ever more important factor in brand reputation, and increasingly expensive if you suffer a disaster that causes environmental damage. Most of all, think of crewmember well-being – an area the industry must always strive to improve.

In the ever-more challenging business world, keeping your safety standards at the highest level is growing more difficult.  At least, it can be if you try to manage it yourself. You have many demands on your time, and your HSEQ managers are already stretched to the limit.

HiLo’s expertise, technology and resources can help.

The best in maritime digital safety solutions

Maritime safety doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Through our world-leading maritime safety system Pinpoint, HiLo can tell you exactly how to identify and eliminate the biggest risks on your vessels.

This industry-first maritime digital safety solution makes your risk management easier and more efficient. It helps you prevent disasters and save lives at sea.

World-leading maritime safety system

HiLo Pinpoint collects and analyses data from many sources on your vessels, including incident management systems, audits and defect logs. We have collected a huge amount of data in our secure, ISO27001-certified database from over 3500 vessels and 55 companies in the HiLo ‘fleet’.

Pinpoint offers the best in maritime digital safety solutions, using expertise, knowledge and peer-reviewed analysis to find and solve your biggest risks.

Our analysis is 90% accurate.

The most efficient maritime digital safety solution

By using HiLo’s maritime safety system, Pinpoint, you will be able to focus on solving your biggest risks and avoiding incidents.

Improving safety is a constant, critical process. It takes up much valuable time. By using HiLo’s Pinpoint your safety personnel put that valuable time to the very best use, both improving safety and saving money.

You will no longer need to spend time and resources working out your key risks, or – worse – fixing issues that you think are significant factors in causing incidents, but are actually not.

Instead, Pinpoint ensures you are always working on the areas that make the most improvements to your safety record.

In doing so, you not only make your crew and vessels safer, but also reduce your day-to-day operational costs.

Safety doesn’t have to be expensive.

Analysis of present and future maritime safety issues

Cost-effective maritime safety solutions : HiLo

HiLo’s maritime safety system provides world-leading analysis with 3 great safety benefits:

1. Understanding your own unique data, to get a 360-degree picture of your business. As an organisation, you are unique. Pinpoint will identify the warning signals in your data, and the precise risks these pose to your fleet. We identify both the issues and the solutions.

2. Being able to identify the hidden causes of major catastrophes. Pinpoint’s world-leading analysis finds the true issues behind major catastrophes. As these incidents form a chain of events that are likely to lead ultimately to a major disaster, by solving these initial issues you can stop serious incidents happening.

There are usually several, individual causes of major incidents. The initial faults, or ‘leading indicators’, are often the hardest to identify – but by far the most important.

Leading indicators provide early warning signals of a major vessel fault that could lead to a significant disaster. However, it has previously been very difficult to identify these risks as ultimately leading to a major incident, because in themselves they do not seem significant. For the first time, Pinpoint identifies the whole chain of issues from the first fault to the final disaster that will result. Therefore, you know which initial faults need to be resolved to stop major disasters.

3. The chance to anticipate and prevent future issues. Pinpoint can not only explain how to solve problems that are currently occurring, but also how to prevent future issues altogether.

The more big data analysis we undertake, the easier it is to spot patterns and trends to anticipate future issues. We can help you prioritise action, introduce new technology and streamline processes to prevent the same problems happening again.

All of this makes your safety procedures more effective and more time and cost-efficient.

Make your safety management effective and efficient with HiLo’s maritime safety system

Using Pinpoint can transform your safety by reducing the incidents you suffer.

In 2021-21, fleets using HiLo were able to:

  • Decrease injuries by 13%
  • Reduce fatalities by 50%
  • Save an average of $2.75 million

By focusing on the right areas and avoiding incidents, you reduce day-to-day operational costs.

In short: with HiLo, a safer fleet can be cheaper as well as better.

Request a Pinpoint demo today and see how to improve safety for your crew.


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