Pinpoint Prioritisation for the Best Maritime Risk ManagementMaritime Risk ManagementPinpoint Prioritisation for the Best Maritime Risk Management

Pinpoint Prioritisation for the Best Maritime Risk Management

Protecting mariners and the environment has always been a top priority and significant challenge for shipping companies.In the light of climate change concerns and the financial and reputational damage of environmental disasters, the consequences of maritime accidents are growing worse. It has never been more important to have effective maritime risk management.

Using data for effective maritime risk management

The rise of technology means there is far more data available to identify risks on vessels. Shipping companies therefore have a better chance of stopping major incidents occurring today than before the ‘big data’ revolution.

However, making the most of the opportunities offered by big data presents a different challenge. That challenge is: with so much information available, how do you find the key insights: the data that makes a difference?

Each company has individual risks, and so a one-size-fits-all approach is likely to miss the issues which matter most to the safety of each fleet.

To identify and fix specific, critical issues on vessels needs a tailored approach. However, that requires extensive time, budget and expert knowledge, which can be difficult to find. It is a problem that maritime companies have faced for a long time.

Now, finally, there is a simple answer: HiLo’s Pinpoint. We discover and explain how to fix issues through quantitative data processing and analysis.

Pinpoint offers the first reliable way to:

  • Find small but critical issues on vessels that have previously been very difficult to identify.
  • Provide tangible, easy-to-implement solutions to fix these problems.

Our tailored approach uses your vessels’ data to identify your fleet’s red flags, and recommend the best actions to solve them. By acting proactively based on our market-leading analysis, we can help you discover and fix small issues before they cause major catastrophes.

Most importantly, we can identify the highest priority risks, and the actions needed to solve them. This prioritisation is the key to effective maritime risk management.

How Pinpoint enables prioritised maritime risk management 

Meeting the challenges the industry faces to improve maritime safety culture, Pinpoint:

  • Standardises and filters a huge amount of big data, to find the information that really matters.
  • Analyses this filtered data to find the issues that pose the biggest risk to your fleet.
  • Highlights the warning signals that put your fleet at risk of a major incident.

Pinpoint therefore can show you how to prioritise the most important safety actions for your fleet, based on verified data and statistical analysis.

Pinpoint even gives you the tools to quantify the positive impact your actions have made on your maritime risk management. You can show the money and lives saved by reducing the chances of a major incident occurring.  These quantifiable results of acting – or not acting – on your priority issues helps you justify the key actions needed to stakeholders. You will have the evidence you need to persuade key personnel to act quickly where it matters most.

Maritime risk management support system for HSEQ managers

In short, Pinpoint is your fleet’s own personalised safety system.

Pinpoint allows you to take better decisions to support your maritime risk management strategy, because these decisions are fully backed up by data and analysis.

There is a huge amount processing involved in order to discover your risks. But the results are displayed on easy-to-understand, shareable dashboards, making them accessible for key players in your organisation. Pinpoint presents you with a clear, streamlined process for fixing issues: what to do and how to do it.

Most importantly, Pinpoint’s risk register highlights your biggest issues, so you can effectively prioritise fixes. This both saves time, and means the actions you take have more impact on your fleet and crew safety.

By using Pinpoint, you gain the most effective maritime risk management available.

Maritime risk management made easier and faster

HSEQ managers are always inundated with tasks. When we designed Pinpoint, we knew making it more effective than any other maritime risk management approaches was not enough.

To transform your fleet safety, Pinpoint also needed to be quicker and easier to use than any other data-driven approach. And it is.

  • Firstly, Pinpoint is quick and easy to implement. All you need to do is send us your data, and we will do everything else.
  • Secondly, Pinpoint is quick and easy to use and explain.

The dashboards showing priority safety actions are easy to interact with, understand and share across your stakeholders. This helps you get buy-in for the actions you need to take.

For key issues, we provide step-by-step guidance for your crew to follow. ‘Buzz’, launched in partnership with CHIRP and UK P+I, provides a simple resource for your crew to combat rising issues in the industry. By acting quickly and effectively, your actions will solve critical issues before they cause disasters.

Pinpoint therefore makes a fast and significant difference to safety on your fleet.

Use Pinpoint and improve your maritime risk management

With Pinpoint, your maritime risk management becomes quicker,

By quickly finding and fixing the risks most likely to lead to serious disasters, our customers saved an average of $2.75 million annually in 2021-22, and reduced their fatalities by 50%

By analysing your data, Pinpoint protects your crew. Try us out today and improve your maritime risk management.


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