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Pinpoint is HiLo’s world-leading decision support system. Pinpoint collects, analyses and visualises your data, showing you exactly where you need to focus to keep your crew safe.

Our easy-to-use dashboard ranks your highest risks. Drill down into each risk to see what small changes you can make for the biggest impact to crew safety.

Pinpoint is based on the industry’s most accurate statistical analysis. It is time switch to a data-based approach to safety. Pinpoint runs tens of thousands of calculations to make sure you are focusing on the areas which matter most to your fleet. It’s simple; it’s accurate and it will make your crew safer.


  • Your data in one place

    HiLo collects over 500 different data types into one easy to use data warehouse. See your full safety data, fully standardised and ready to analyse.

    Pinpoint removes the noise, leaving you with the events that will have a tangible impact on the safety of your crew. Pinpoint saves you the trouble of identifying, collating and standardising data. Our machine learning does all of this at the touch of a button.

    Our cloud platform is secure, protected to ISO27K standards. We ensure your data is always safe with us.

  • See the full picture of maritime risk

    HiLo’s analysis goes beyond surface level. Our statistical calculations give you the most accurate risk analysis available in the maritime industry. Our analysis is tailored to your individual fleet. Based on your full internal data, Pinpoint identifies the warning signals of future issues on your vessels.

    Risk ranking – see which high impact event your vessels are likely to face in the near future, calculated by HiLo’s world-leading statistical model.

    Leading indicators – drill down into each risk to find the contributing issues. Make proactive changes to avoid future incidents.

    Benchmarking – Benchmarking shows you where risks are a problem for the whole industry, and which are issues in your own fleet. See how your safety levels compare.

  • Proactive actions to save lives

    Pinpoint is more than a way to visualise your data. We transform your risk ranking into a simple, tailored action plan for your unique fleet. Our statistical analysis gives you the information you need to prevent high impact incidents well before they have a chance to harm your crew.

    With our action plans, you can make practical, proactive changes which make a dramatic impact on safety.
    Our analysis also helps you measure the effectiveness of your safety actions.

    HiLo compares your actuals with our statistical calculations to identify where you have avoided incidents for your fleet. Each incident has a calculated injury risk and cost attached. See the financial impact of running a safer fleet, and see how many injuries you have prevented by being proactive in managing safety.

    With HiLo, you can stay up to date with the latest issues in the industry, and use resources from CHIRP and UK P+I to upgrade your fleet safety.

  • Does Pinpoint work?

    We have changed the maritime industry’s approach to data sharing. HiLo has created a community of 50+ shipping companies that have seen a dramatic 12% reduction in incidents, making us a global leader in maritime safety for the whole industry, not just our customers.

    Check out our case studies to see how Pinpoint protected a customer against a lifeboat incident, identified a rising trend of spill risks, and saw the warning signs of a pandemic.

    Our customers voluntarily submit 500,000 data points annually in exchange for the insights big data gives them. The resulting statistical analysis is 90% accurate. We show shipping companies the risks they would never discover otherwise.

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