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Pinpoint is HiLo’s world-leading decision support system. Pinpoint transforms your internal data into a clear risk ranking, showing you exactly where you need to focus to keep your crew safe.

Pinpoint gives you access to our easy-to-use dashboard with your key issues clearly marked. Drill down into each risk to see what small changes you can make for the biggest impact.

Pinpoint is based on the industry’s most accurate statistical analysis. It is time to move away from ‘I think we should focus here’ and move to ‘this is what the data says’. Pinpoint runs tens of thousands of calculations to make sure you are focusing on the areas which matter most to your fleet. It’s simple; it’s accurate and it will make your fleet safer.


  • Benchmarking

    Want to see where you rank against your competitors? HiLo’s maritime digital solutions provide the industry’s most accurate benchmarking, using anonymised internal data from each of our customers so you can benchmark on many different types of risk.

    Benchmarking shows you where risks are a problem for the whole industry, and which are issues in your own fleet.

    Our benchmarking is split into different vessel types, making sure you only compare against what is relevant to you. See how trends are shifting across the industry, and make sure you are prepared for what is coming up. You know you’re the best. HiLo’s analysis will help you showcase it.

  • Statistics vs Actuals

    It’s always important to know if your actions are having an impact.

    HiLo compares your actuals with our statistical calculations to identify where you have avoided incidents for your fleet. Each incident has a calculated injury risk and cost attached. See the financial impact of running a safer fleet, and see how many injuries you have prevented by being proactive in managing safety.

    Statistics vs Actuals are vital for making those difficult decisions. It is impossible to do everything. Our analysis will show the impact of the actions you’ve taken, and help you see if you’re doing enough to keep your crew safe.

  • My Safety Solution – MISS

    HiLo’s new service takes risk analysis to the next level. While Pinpoint previously showed you your key risks, MISS now breaks down exactly what to do about them.

    Our maritime digital solutions take away the effort of translating our analysis into tangible actions. MISS is a tailored strategy for your shipping company, based on your data and your unique risks, so you can improve safety with minimal resources.

    There is no other service in the industry which provides this level of risk management support. Pinpoint highlights what is important for your unique fleet and scopes out your next steps.

    MISS is the most efficient way to transform data into improved safety for your fleet. Consider us your extra team member, taking the pressure off your resources and providing the best safety insights.

  • Buzz

    Buzz brings together your shore side and onboard safety management.

    HiLo has partnered with CHIRP and UK P&I to help you send key safety resources directly to your vessels. Our partners have discovered valuable insights into many safety issues, now available exclusively to HiLo customers. We identify the top risks facing the industry, and give you the resources to control them.

    UK P+I is one of the oldest P&I clubs in the world. For a safer tomorrow at sea, UK P&I is championing best industry practice and investing in innovation.

    CHIRP is contributing to maritime safety worldwide, by providing a totally independent confidential reporting system. Make the most of the best insights in the industry with Buzz.

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