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At our core, HiLo are experts in maritime safety. We have proven that big data is key to managing the ever-changing risks of the maritime industry.

Our range of maritime safety tools give you the opportunity to see exactly what is happening on your vessels, prioritise safety actions, and ultimately protect your seafarers.

With our big data tools, you know you are always looking at the most up to date and accurate information, so you can make the best decisions for your crew.

See through the noise

HiLo brings everything you need to know into one place.

Maritime data is often difficult to analyse. Records held by multiple different departments, different sections of companies and in different formats makes it almost impossible to see the full picture.

HiLo’s solution has changed all of that. We collate and standardise safety data from over 500 different data sets, giving you immediate access to your complete data, all available in one place.

HiLo makes sure you don’t miss a thing.

The most accurate maritime risk analysis

HiLo’s risk management tool – Pinpoint – gives you everything you need to make the best safety decisions for your unique fleet.
With all the benefits that come with having your own data warehouse, Pinpoint comes with 3 key features:

1. Tailored risk analysis using our world-leading statistical models

2. Personalised safety strategy, breaking down the actions you need to take to address your highest risks

3. The most up to date insights into key industry risks, reported as they arise.

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What do our customers say?

HiLo has worked with some of the world's leading shipping companies for over half a decade. Our customers have significantly reduced their risk of incidents by using Pinpoint analysis, ensuring every action has a significant impact on safety.

See how our customers reduced their risks of lifeboats incidents, fire and fuel spills by downloading our case studies.

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    Our key focus is to help mariners make the best decisions for the safety of their crew. The more companies who share their data with us, the more we can reduce the risk of incidents that can impact the entire industry.

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