Personalised Predictive Analytics to Improve Shipping SafetyPredictive analytics shippingPersonalised Predictive Analytics to Improve Shipping Safety

Personalised Predictive Analytics to Improve Shipping Safety

Personalised Predictive Analytics to Improve Shipping Safety

Personalized Predictive Analytics Improve Shipping Safety : HiLo’s Pinpoint maritime safety analytics is an industry first. It provides personalised, predictive and prioritised analysis, helping shipping companies improve their safety.

No other predictive analytics model for shipping has been able to enable such effective safety improvements. That is because nobody has previously had the right mix of data, technology, statistics and maritime expertise.

Benefits of HiLo’s predictive analytics for shipping companies

Pinpoint provides several benefits never before possible through maritime predictive analytics:

  • We collect over 750 classifications of data, taking advantage of the big data technological revolution.
  • We handle data transfer and standardisation, without any need for pre-processing.
  • We bring all the data together in a short amount of time. This means the findings of our world-leading analytics for shipping companies are up to date and ready to use. You can quickly solve immediate issues and prevent future problems.
  • Our risk ranking shows you which issues are most important to fix first to avoid major incidents. This allows you to improve safety more efficiently, with easy buy-in from your stakeholders.

Accurate and fast predictive analytics for shipping companies

Our model provides predictive analytics for shipping quickly and efficiently.  W we analyse your full fleet safety data in time for you to act on high-priority risks that would previously have been missed. Risks that, left unaddressed, could cause a major disaster.

Pinpoint’s quick turnaround means you get tailored results within 3 months, allowing you to act quickly to avoid potential upcoming catastrophes. Every second counts to save money, time and lives on the seas. By using Pinpoint, our customers saved an average of $3 million in 2020-21 by fixing risks more quickly and reducing major incidents.

No other predictive model for the industry has worked as effectively before. That is because they lacked both the data and the expertise for analysis. They could only use the limited public data released by the maritime industry, and this simply could not build up clear enough trends and patterns to provide accurate analysis.

Pinpoint has all the information we need from our customers, allowing us to build up a complete view of your fleet and its risks. The statistical analysis of this ‘big data’ is peer-reviewed by independent experts from the Alan Turing Institute and Imperial College London.

Tailored predictive analytics for your shipping organisation

Your vessels and crews sail the same seas as everyone else. You face the same challenges. And in many cases, the issues and incidents at risk are similar.

But your fleet is unique. Your vessels, people and culture create a risk profile which is specific to you. No other maritime company has exactly your problems to solve. HiLo therefore delivers a prioritised risk analysis personalised for your fleet.

This is particularly important in terms of the small, specific, ‘leading indicator’ issues that are the very start of the chain to possible catastrophe. They are often simple to solve, as long as you know what they are. These risks depend on a full understanding of your internal data.

Pinpoint’s predictive analytics provide results and recommendations specific to your shipping organisation, based on a complete view of your data and our fully verified, peer-reviewed analysis. The result is a personalised safety strategy for your organisation.

Prioritised actions from predictive analytics for shipping companies

We offer the industry’s most accurate identification of warning signals of major incidents and predictive analytics for shipping the industry has ever seen.

This is achieved by 3 key factors:

  1. The amount of data and detail we have – which no organisation has had before.
  2. The fact we can use our big data to spot trends and patterns, and therefore deliver predictive analytics of future risks for your fleet.
  3. By looking to the future rather than the past, our analysis is proactive. You don’t just learn from past catastrophes. You gain information quickly enough to stop future disasters.

Critically, we can identify and show you initial warning signals for major incidents as well as the more immediate causes of these catastrophes. These leading indicators are so hard to spot as the beginning of that chain that nobody has ever been able to do so accurately.

Until now.

Neither previous analytics models, nor the best efforts at internal analysis of vessel risks, have been able to identify these so efficiently. That is because until Pinpoint there has been no way to have the complete data view required.

These warning signals have never been visible before. But now that Pinpoint can identify them, you can act quickly where it matters most.

Use Pinpoint’s Personalized Predictive Analytics Improve Shipping Safety

Pinpoint’s predictive analytics are proactive, personalised and prioritised. By using our model, you can improve safety on your fleet as quickly and effectively as possible.

Try out Pinpoint today and save money, time and lives.


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