• Who Are We?

    HiLo’s industry-first, world-leading decision support system saves lives at sea.

    Identify and eliminate issues on your vessels that could lead to maritime disasters.

    We collect and analyse data from many sources including incident management systems, audits and equipment. Over 55 companies with 3500 vessels share their data in return for life-saving insights.

  • Pinpoint: Safety Made Simple

    Pinpoint transforms scattered, unstandardised maritime data into a clear view of your highest risks. See where you need to act first to tackle the unique issues for your fleet.

    Our easy-to-understand web platform gives you the information you need to keep your crews and vessels safe. Drill down into each issue and see the small changes you can make to prevent potentially catastrophic events.

    We collect, standardise and analyse your data, all at the touch of a button. With the right information, you can save lives.

  • Supporting the best safety decisions

    Our decision support system highlights the greatest safety improvements for your vessels, to solve current issues and eliminate further risks.

    HiLo brings order out of complexity, so you can save time and lives.

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