Practical Actions to Rapidly Improve Maritime Crew Safety

Actions to Rapidly Improve Maritime Crew Safety

HiLo can help you find and solve the key risks to your fleet, giving you the chance to improve your maritime crew safety and reduce the chances of your vessels suffering serious incidents.

Pinpoint, our world-leading maritime safety decision-making system, can find the unique warning signals pointing to issues on your vessels.

Additionally, another of our vessel safety tools, HiLo Buzz, shows you safety issues emerging in the wider industry, and how to mitigate them. This is based on HiLo’s world-leading, 90%-accurate industry trend analysis.

With Buzz, you can:

  • Be the first to see emerging risks in the industry.
  • Access exclusive resources from CHIRP and UK P&I.
  • Equip your vessel crew with training on small changes to improve their safety.
  • Be better prepared for the future.

Quick and effective action to improve maritime crew safety

Solving significant industry risks quickly is vital, to stop those risks causing disasters.

As HiLo Buzz uses the most up-to-date information from HiLo’s fleet of more than 3,500 vessels (from over 55 companies), it can help eliminate problems as soon as they start to emerge.

It is therefore the industry’s earliest early warning system. Buzz can provide key information about risks, and how to solve them, before any disasters have occurred as a result of these risks.

HiLo Buzz gives maritime crew critical, time-sensitive actions to improve safety – quickly. HiLo’s partners UKP&I and CHIRP provide bitesize resources on how to carry out these vital fixes.

Practical actions to improve maritime crew safety

HiLo Buzz is based on a monthly analysis of vessels in the HiLo fleet. This study identifies the most significant emerging threats in the maritime industry.

HiLo, CHIRP and UK P&I look at these industry risks and explain how to solve them. Practical, easy-to-follow suggestions are sent directly to shipping companies in the HiLo fleet.

With HiLo Buzz, the answer to the question ‘what do I do next?’ is laid out clearly. We can tell you exactly how to fix issues, step by step, to transform both crew safety and fleet safety.

We have therefore closed the gap between analysis and action.

Improvements to previous vessel safety tools and recommendations

Previously, maritime industry safety recommendations could only be based on historical data from past incidents. Data from these disasters took months to be translated into safety recommendations.

By this time, the advice was a lot less useful. The industry moves very quickly, and data therefore is only relevant for a short time.

Recommendations for safety actions, when based purely on past incidents, were rarely effective. There was simply too much lag time, and the actions were no longer relevant to future incident risks.

HiLo Buzz is different. Because information is released much more frequently and focuses on key warning signals for emerging industry threats, it allows you to make small changes quickly, easily and in time to stop major disasters.

Thanks to clear, step-by-step recommendations from CHIRP and UK P+I on how to solve risks, it is more focused, relevant and accurate than any previous method of delivering safety recommendations.

How industry insights improve maritime crew safety

The step-by-step solutions to risk identified by HiLo Buzz are based on a range of real-life experiences and resources from loss prevention and incident investigation, provided through CHIRP and UKP&I.

CHIRP is a voluntary reporting, incident-analysis platform which looks at the reasons for previous disasters. Totally independent and confidential, it carries this out based on real-life information from shipping companies and mariners.

UK P&I, one of the world’s largest marine insurers and oldest P&I clubs, offer practical training and actions to eliminate safety risks to both fleets and crews. Given their vast experience, they can create training for a wide range of situations.

Significantly, Buzz provides resources on emerging risks your mariners have no experience in facing and resolving, because these issues are only just starting to appear in the industry. You can therefore provide the best maritime crew safety training before your mariners face situations in real life.

Synchronise your ship and shore staff

HiLo Buzz alerts can be sent directly to both shore-based and ship-based staff.

This means crucial insights into how to fix your biggest risks can be shared quickly and easily with your entire fleet and personnel, keeping everyone safer – wherever they are.

Find and solve issues with our vessel safety tools

Using our industry-first, world-leading vessel safety tools, HiLo has established a holistic solution to preventing major incidents on the seas:

  1. HiLo identifies the emerging industry risks you face, and the early warning signals showing when those industry risks are threatening your fleet.
  2. We are able to explain to you exactly how to solve these early warning signals and stop them developing into major risks.
  3. By solving these issues, you improve your maritime crew safety.

Through these steps, your vessels and crew are well-protected against the changing risks of the now fast-paced maritime industry.

Prevent future safety risks on your vessels

HiLo Buzz can not only tell you how to solve current risks. It can also help identify potential issues you may face in the future: those that have not occurred on your vessels yet, but are likely to.

Using the latest big data from our growing fleet of vessels, HiLo Buzz analyses maritime industry trends and predicts the risks you are most likely to encounter going forward. This means you can take preventative actions proactively.

Learning from others to make the seas safer

Because our Buzz vessel safety tool is based on real life experiences, crewmembers can truly learn from each other to be safer. Buzz improves maritime crew safety by:

  • Showcasing emerging risks vessels could experience in the future.
  • Identifying patterns at an industry level.
  • Providing step by step actions to mitigate risks.

This helps prevent specific incidents occurring multiple times across the industry, making the seas safer for everyone.

Use our vessel safety tools and keep your maritime crew safe

HiLo Buzz provides bitesize, practical actions to maintain and improve safety on your fleet.

This helps prevent incidents occurring across the industry, making the seas safer for everyone.

Talk to us today and help us get more seafarers home safely.


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