Making the Seas Safer: Services provided by HiLo to make maritime business safer

Make maritime business safer -The maritime risk management field has been around for a very long time. As technology has developed, risk management has strengthened, and the seas have become safer. HiLo Maritime Risk Management is a global leader in providing shipping companies with actionable data, complete analysis, and innovative techniques to keep their crews safe, their vessels in the water, and goods moving across the waters.

The team at HiLo is constantly innovating, creating new tools to deliver the most advanced and reliable risk information to their clients.

To that end, HiLo has created tools and services that deliver precise, company-specific risk analysis to shipping company leaders.

Here is a brief list of the services offered by the world’s leading maritime risk management firm:


As with many things in life, the only way for us to know how well we’re doing is to compare ourselves to others. The problem is that often we don’t have the right data to be able to compare apples to apples.

At HiLo, we provide you with the most accurate benchmarking data to see how you’re doing in comparison with others in the industry. Using anonymized data, we benchmark different types of risks. We divide data by vessel type so you can compare your fleet to those which are most relevant to you. You’ll see trends that are coming across the global fleet so you can prepare for changes before they reach your vessels.

Statistics vs Actuals

Without access to parallel universes, the only way to know if your efforts are having an impact is to compare your actual situation to statistical data that represents where you might have been with no effort at all. We compare your reported incidents with our statistical calculations to show you where you’ve avoided incidents in your fleet. Doing this allows you to see the human and financial impact of all your efforts.

By comparing statistics to actuals, you can see if you’re doing everything you can to protect your crew and assets. It’s a clear representation of your success versus mathematically reliable statistical predictions.


Generic safety information is fine, but it’s rarely directly applicable to your fleet. HiLo’s flagship tool, Pinpoint, collects and aggregates the data your vessels create every day, from incident information, to defect data, audits, and hundreds more. Our analysis produces a risk profile which is unique to the needs of your vessels and your crew, allowing you to make the greatest impact on your fleet safety.

Pinpoint goes beyond simply telling you what risks might exist; it actually helps you prioritize your time so you work on the risks that are most likely to protect your crew and vessels. This prioritization allows you to stop wasting energy on risks that seem significant, but provide very little return on your investment. Our analysis cuts out the noise so you can focus on what really matters.

My Safety Solution – MISS

This is a new service, currently in pilot phase, that takes our maritime digital solutions to a new level. Where Pinpoint finds the risks and prioritizes them for you, My Safety Solution – MISS – tells you how to manage them. MISS is tailored to your fleet, providing a step-by-step action plan to show you exactly how to make your vessels as safe as possible.

For many maritime companies, the struggle is to understand how to convert risk analysis into action. Often, this takes a team of risk experts and safety managers to consider all the different courses of action. MISS, from HiLo, uses global data from thousands of vessels to find not only the potential risks, but also the solutions. Learn from others across the globe to make your crews, vessels, and assets safer.


As effective as HiLo is, we can’t do everything alone. We’ve partnered with two of the world’s most trusted firms to create an even safer maritime world for everyone. Buzz, our monthly fleetwide analysis, covers the 2 or 3 most likely upcoming issues and brings together shore-side and onboard safety management. Previously companies may have known what was wrong on their vessel, but not exactly how to solve it.

Buzz is simultaneously available ship- and shoreside to create cohesive safety actions. This shared knowledge prevents specific incidents occurring multiple times across the industry.

We have partnered with:

UK P&I – one of the oldest P&I clubs in the world. They have been championing industry best practices for generations. But they aren’t stuck in the past. They invest in innovation every day to change these best practices as technology, hardware, and circumstances change.

CHIRP – provides a completely independent, anonymous reporting system to the global maritime fleet. This allows the entire industry to report incidents quickly and anonymously so everyone can benefit from them.

Putting HiLo together with these two extraordinary firms, we’re able to deliver more actionable data to help you protect your crew no matter where they are.

The Impact of HiLo’s Services

HiLo makes maritime fleets safer every day.

There are more vessels on the seas than ever before. This is more congestion in the shipping lanes than at any time in history.

With HiLo’s detailed, accurate, and actionable risk management data, HiLo customers are saving lives.

In 2021, tankers experienced:

  • 308 fewer high impact/potential high-impact events
  • 19 fewer major spills
  • 9 fewer serious injuries

In 2021, bulk carriers have experienced:

  • 135 fewer high impact/potential high-impact events
  • 24 fewer serious injuries

The full HiLo fleet (including container ships and OSVs) has had a 5% reduction in spills, an 8% reduction in injuries and an overall incident reduction of 12%.

Customers in the HiLo fleet have each saved $3 million per year on average by avoiding costly incidents using the information that HiLo provides.

A different way to do risk management

At HiLo, we use data provided by all our clients to help them be safer. Dozens of companies, including some of the world’s largest, provide us with anonymous data. We use ground-breaking AI and vast human experience to turn that data into risk management information.

Then, as noted above, we convert that information into actionable ideas, prioritized and customized for your fleet.

Generic information is fine, but often it doesn’t apply to your crew. With HiLo, we customize everything for your crew, your fleet, and your needs.

Let HiLo change how you do maritime risk management with the most complete, advanced, and actionable risk management data available anywhere in the world.



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