How do you know you’re making the right decisions for your crew?


Decisions for your crew-  Why is safety at sea still a problem? Safety management is a long-standing battle, dating back decades, if not hundreds of years. Despite legislation, starting nearly fifty years ago with SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974), solving the issue of safety at sea altogether has yet to be completely successful. There are many ways that incidents occur aboard ships, with areas of risk coming from all directions.

Past efforts by shipping companies to carry out risk analysis through historical reports of incidents and studying experiences of safety managers and seafarers has meant that information has been missed out. Not only this, but these methods which focus on specific events means it is hard to draw transfer conclusions across fleets and ship types.

It is vital to be able to spot all potential issues before disastrous incidents happen. But even if you’ve pinpointed all the areas of high risk aboard your vessels, how do you successfully keep track of all your data and findings? How do you find the information you need at certain moments amongst all that data?

HiLo is here to help. We offer a highly effective decision support system that highlights important insights in your data as you work to maintain safety aboard your vessels. It’s a system that accommodates your fleet’s individual set-up, focusing on ways your fleet can act on your biggest risks.

What is a decision support system?

A decision support system (DSS) is a computerised programme that is used to help companies make better decisions. The programme analyses large volumes of data taken from different sources and gives its users information otherwise unavailable through more traditional methods. By using big data, a DSS captures everything, and processes it into useful insights to help you make the best decisions for you and your company. These decisions are formed based on the programme’s top quality data analysis and easy-to-use interface which shows the logic behind each decision.

How can a DSS help the maritime industry?

Big data has been able to revolutionise marine risk management and so improve the safety of those at sea. Collating internal data provided by different shipping companies helps to increase accuracy of analysis, helping companies with finding specific issues in their fleets, as well as spotting recurring patterns. This allows you to then make changes to stop incidents happening further down the line.

Our DSS keeps records of issues that have occurred in the past and puts them into a knowledge centre. Adding information about past issues into this centre means they can be analysed and logged so that similar issues are prevented from happening in the future. This gives us the power to break the chain of cause-and-effect chain that leads to the maritime industry’s most dangerous incidents.

Helping the planet

Using cleaner and ‘greener’ transportation around the world is more important than ever. Decision Support Systems can help make that happen. The impact of maritime incidents is not just catastrophic for the people on board, it can also cause damage to the environment which can take decades to undo. By reducing these incidents, we can protect the whole environment from the effects of spills, fires, collisions and many more.

HiLo wants you to be safe

Human safety aboard ships is the most important consideration. It has always been HiLo’s biggest priority. With over 4,000 ships in our database, world-leading data analysis, and easy-to-use dashboards, we offer a unique programme that you to ensure that more lives at sea are protected. By choosing HiLo, you are able to make better decisions for you and your crew with less subjectivity. You are made aware of the problem long before it happens, so you can take measures well ahead of time.

Your experiences are vital to improving maritime safety and the more shipping companies that share their data with HiLo, the more opportunity there is to work together to reduce incidents across the industry. Every dataset from HiLo shipping companies is anonymised and housed in a secure digital environment. You are protected whilst protecting everybody else.

So why not talk to us today? Seafarers deserve to be safe on the waters. Request a demo to see how HiLo can help you make better decisions today.


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