Ensuring your company maintains its safety standards

For every shipping company in the industry, keeping our crews safe comes before everything else. Nothing is more important than getting those who work for us home safely. When it comes to working at sea, that means we cannot afford to miss risks that could lead to an incident.

There have been 24,000 incidents at sea over the last 10 years, so it’s crucial that we continue to work together to maintain and improve our safety standards. As an industry and as individual companies, we need to continue working to stay one step ahead of risks.

Incident numbers may be heading slowly in the right direction, but we know that just one catastrophic incident at sea can cost lives. Our sole aim is to eliminate all avoidable incidents from our seas. That means working with our subscribers to spot hidden risks, avoid incidents and keep those safety standards rising.

How your data can protect your crew

Every crew member deserves to feel safe when they’re working at sea. Subscribing to HiLo is proven to help companies reduce the risks to their vessels and crew. Sharing your data with HiLo enables you to reduce your own fleet’s risks and improve your safety levels.

We use transformative predictive modelling to analyse data. We identify the leading indicators that can pose risks to shipping companies. This enables decision-makers to act and make changes before indicators become incidents. Our expert analysis leaves no room for error, so you can have complete confidence in your customised reports.

Subscribing to HiLo protects against the uncertainty of working at sea. Sharing your data places the power to eliminate risks into your own hands, increasing the safety of your crew.

Remove the element of surprise with HiLo

We are the only risk management company that analyse multiple data sets across different departments, so nothing is missed. By analysing a range of data sets, we can report on the biggest risks to your crew with no room for uncertainty.

We provide our subscribers with regular reports, breaking down our insights into digestible information. These reports offer company leaders a unique view of their own companies and the industry that it’s impossible to achieve without HiLo’s unique perspective.

We base our analysis on proven statistics, so our insights and your reports are objective, not subjective. That means you can focus on your day to operations, safe in the knowledge that your data is protecting your crew from unwelcome surprises that could put them in harm’s way.

How is HiLo different?

We collect data that nobody else in the industry does. Every year, we use our predictive modelling to analyse hundreds of thousands of data points. Because we have the industry’s largest database for leading events, we utilise our vast pool of data to calculate risks and their potential impact on your fleet.

The calculations of the predictive model create a risk ranking, enabling our subscribers to address the most pressing risks to their fleet. We are the only risk management company to look at multiple data sets, which places us in the best position to pinpoint the real risks to a company’s crew and vessels. Our sole aim has always been to increase safety for those who work at sea, and we are already helping the maritime industry to improve safety standards at a company level and across the sector.

Are you ready to improve safety levels in your fleet? Get in touch today and find out how we can help keep your crew safe.


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