HiLo’s predictive modelling now for Near Coastal Tankers.

Every day, hundreds of near coastal voyages take place around the world. Near Coastal Tankers are essential to the safe transportation of goods to our shores.

Coastal vessels are key to the global supply of cargo that keeps trade operating smoothly, and they face their own unique set of risks when operating at sea. Whether tankers are operating near-coastal or on inland waterways, each crew navigates real risks posed by environmental and operational factors.

HiLo is committed to helping shipping companies stay one step ahead of their risks. We recognise that safety at sea means providing a tailored risk management service for every type of vessel. With this in mind, we are happy to be opening our life-saving risk management services to Near Coastal Tankers between 500 and 10,000DWT.

Join the data sharing revolution

Our team of experts have worked hard to ensure our predictive model is suitable for near-coastal vessels around the world. This means Near Coastal Tankers will now be able to benefit from our industry-leading predictive modelling and big data analytics.

HiLo is dedicated to the continuous improvement of safety for everyone who works at sea. Encouraging companies to share their data enables us to accurately calculate their leading risks, taking the guesswork out of risk management.

The more companies who share their data, the more accurate we can make our predictive modelling. In turn, this enables us to provide more robust insights to our subscribers, improving safety for all.

Sharing your data is simple. You can either use Excel to share manually through our portal or complete the initial setup to share your data automatically. Sharing your data with HiLo helps to streamline internal data processes and collates all of your safety data into on standardised space. Not only does it free up team members to focus on other tasks, but it means you will never miss a risk again.

How do HiLo save lives at sea?

We collect data from every data set and use machine learning to standardise it. Because we are the only company of our kind to analyse data from every data set, we spot risks that would otherwise be easily overlooked. We use our world-leading predictive models to spot the biggest risks to each fleet, highlighting trends that are often missed elsewhere.

We analyse the leading indicators in each company’s data. This approach means that not only can we identify the key risks to a fleet, but we also gain an understanding of the events that lead to them, allowing our subscribers to make small changes to prevent incidents.

Our subscribers receive regular insights straight to their dashboards, making it easier for them to keep on top of their biggest risks and make sense of their data. Empowering companies to take control of their risks enables them to avoid high impact incidents that can cost lives at sea. Subscribing to HiLo helps companies to keep their crews safe and protect their vessels from harm.

Working together for safer seas

We have transformed the way data is shared and analysed across the maritime industry. We believe that data sharing is crucial to achieving improved safety for everyone at sea. We have the industry’s largest database of leading events that can lead to incidents, enabling us to produce the most accurate reports for our subscribers.

As digitalisation starts to trigger changes across the industry, it’s more important than ever that we work together to continue to protect our crew. More and more companies are sharing their data with HiLo, helping us to spot their most pressing risks before they become an incident.

Our predictive modelling leaves no room for uncertainty. That means company leaders can act on the key risks facing their crew with complete confidence. HiLo’s insights enable decision-makers to tackle the areas that need addressing the most. Having clear visibility of problem areas within a fleet means resources can be allocated efficiently and processes can be streamlined to increase safety at sea.

Welcoming Near Coastal Tankers to our fleet is the latest step forward for HiLo, and the shipping industry. The more companies who share their data, the more effectively we can highlight risks and trends before they have the chance to cause serious harm.

For more information on how HiLo can help to keep your crew safe, contact us today.




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