Managing Human Reliability for Better Maritime Safety

Maritime Safety: Revolutionizing Human Reliability with HiLo's Tools

Maritime safety is closely intertwined with human factors, which play a significant role in everyday life, extending their influence to the maritime industry as well.

Currently, there is no standardised system to address the link between human reliability and maritime incidents in the industry. So, what can be done to ensure the improvement of human reliability at sea? How can we manage data better to help make this happen?

At HiLo, we have conducted a project to investigate the links between human factors and risk at sea. The tool will help you assess the impact of human behaviour on maritime risk and improve crew safety in the maritime industry for the better.

Soon to be launched, HiLo’s Human Reliability Tool will be a game-changer, revolutionising maritime safety and efficiency in the maritime industry.

Igniting Change Through Data

We have already experienced a breakthrough when it comes to improving crew safety in the maritime industry. Thanks to our digital platform Pinpoint, which uses data analysis to help you prevent future disasters onboard your vessels.

Pinpoint uses big data analytics to create a whole ecosystem of cause and effect, giving shipping companies access to an early warning system, which can help them identify potential future risks to their fleet.

Pinpoint shows those risks you never would have seen before, giving you the full picture of safety of your fleet. You’ll then be able to take the right actions to protect the crew aboard your vessels.

Pinpoint’s big data analytics is based on over 750 classifications of data, sourced from incident management systems, maintenance and defect logs, audits and inspections. They are the most reliable data points in the industry, so you know you’re getting the best safety analysis.

With Pinpoint identifying, collating and standardising data for you, all at the touch of a button, you save much needed time and effort. Having access to full internal data from across the maritime industry also means we have the information needed to identify links between human reliability and safety- in a precise manner.

Getting the right data

When you become a part of the HiLo community, you will receive a tailored risk ranking based on your own internal data, courtesy of Pinpoint. The analysis highlights warning signals within your organisation, creating the opportunity to make changes and improvements where required.

HiLo is ISO 27001 certified, which means we conform to the highest standards for data security. All data is anonymised, so you can freely share information without any worries. Doing so means Pinpoint can have all the right data to investigate human reliability the right way, and so work to assess its impact on crew safety in the maritime industry.

Changing data analysis for the better

Anything that impacts the mental or physical capabilities of a crew member has the potential to lead to human error. Human error in the maritime industry can result in fatal consequences.

HiLo has spent years conducting in-depth research into the physical and emotional well-being of crew members and what factors can negatively impact them. Factors include long working hours, social isolation, distance from families as well as environmental factors. Issues like poor lighting or inappropriate procedures can make even simple on-board tasks more challenging.

By identifying these factors, HiLo aims to provide the maritime industry with a tool that will improve human reliability by changing the factors they have control over.

‘HiLo is revolutionising the way we approach human behaviour,’ Manit Chander, HiLo’s CEO, says. ‘Using psychological expertise and statistical analysis, we are predicting where humans are likely to impact safety.’

When you lower the risk of incidents, you make the seas safer for everyone who works on them.

Empowering you to make the best decisions

The maritime industry has seen at least 24,000 casualties at sea this past decade alone. HiLo is here to help you find long-term, risk-reduced solutions at an organisational level.

Our client base gives you access to the deepest datasets in the maritime industry. This provides a foundation for the next-generation analysis in human reliability, showing exactly how and where the industry is most prone to human error. This can help many shipping companies avoid disaster in the future.

With your cooperation, we can make the maritime industry even safer through next-generation data analysis.

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