Introducing HiLo’s new Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) modelCrew SafetyMaritime IndustryIntroducing HiLo’s new Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) model

Introducing HiLo’s new Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) model

We’re all familiar with the dangers of a career at sea, and being a crew member onboard an Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) comes with its own unique set of risks. DP system failures, personnel transfer incidents and heavy objects moving on deck are just some of the events that face those working on OSVs around the world. In recent years, many of these incidents resulted in loss of life.

Every crew member deserves to feel safe onboard, and incidents involving Offshore Support Vessel (OSVs) are still hitting the headlines on a regular basis. For all of us in the maritime industry, the safety of personnel is the priority.

HiLo is dedicated to increasing safety levels for everyone who works at sea. Our ground-breaking predictive modelling is already saving the lives of personnel onboard by eliminating avoidable risks. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce a brand-new predictive model developed especially for Offshore Support Vessel (OSVs).

Predictive modelling for Offshore Support Vessel (OSVs) – be proactive

Identifying the leading indicators that can lead to an incident enables us to give companies the chance to act before it’s too late. Proactively managing risk is far more effective than investigating the causes of an incident after it’s taken place.

Because every vessel type has its own needs, we’ve created a predictive model that is tailored to the risks faced by Offshore Support Vessel (OSV). The last 18 months have seen HiLo experts implementing workshops with a handful of international OSV companies. Working directly with companies operating OSVs has given the team an invaluable insight into the unique incidents and threats that OSVs and their crews encounter daily.

Through careful research and a series of workshops, we have made certain that our OSV predictive model is grounded in precise statistics and real experiences. We’ve already transformed safety levels across the industry by using predictive modelling to predict incidents at sea, lowering the risks for crew. Our newest model has been carefully developed to identify the leading events that can cause OSV incidents. Our analysis of each data set enables us to spot the leading indicators in every company’s data.

Protect your fleet with HiLo

We collect data from shipping companies and turn it into lifesaving reports tailored to each fleet. This enables our experts to analyse the data and pinpoint the leading indicators that may lead to a high-impact incident. This method enables HiLo to identify and highlight real risks before they ever lead to a problem at sea.

The data we collect includes incident reports, , audit data, unscheduled work orders, machinery breakdown logs, and many more. Hilo is the only company of its kind to analyse every data-set from our subscribers. Because of this, we see the hidden risks, so our subscribers can be prepared for every eventuality.

Because we have complete visibility of our subscriber data, we can provide our subscribers with transformative insights that save lives. Our subscribers receive regular reports, with tailored analysis of their own data and anonymised reports from the whole HiLo fleet. Every subscriber has their own personal reporting dashboard, where they can access the insights they need to tackle important issues effectively. We give company leaders all the information they need to improve their safety levels.

Our comprehensive view of the industry enables us to report to our subscribers on the risks that threaten their own fleets and the entire industry. Our insights make it possible for companies to recognise leading indicators before they become incidents, helping to prevent avoidable incidents at sea.

Our statistics leave no room for doubt. This enables company leaders to make decisions and create strategies based on their own fleet’s data. The HiLo dashboards mean they have all the information they need to make decisions with confidence.

How HiLo saves lives

We use predictive modelling to keep crews safe at sea. We are the only company in the maritime industry to collect data from every data set and use predictive modelling to transform safety across the world. As an industry, we need to be working together to reduce risks at sea, and that means sharing our data as standard.

Our predictive modelling has already proven that we can flag leading indicators and take action before an incident occurs. HiLo makes it possible for decision-makers to focus on the areas of their fleets that require attention urgently. HiLo is transforming the industry’s attitude to risk, and our OSV model is on course to increase safety for OSV vessels and their crew.

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