Digital Revolution in Maritime Safety

Are you prepared for the digital revolution?

Ready or not, the shipping industry is sailing steadily towards a more digital era. In his opening speech at a 2020 webinar, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim stressed that digitalisation is set to be key to the industry’s recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic. He called upon the shipping sector to make the most of the opportunities presented by digitalisation, embracing its advantages as we navigate challenging times.

Mr Lim said, “IMO is working to ensure shipping can embrace the digital revolution – while ensuring safety, boosting environmental protection and managing cybersecurity risks.”

Many shipping companies still have a way to go when it comes to the digitalisation of everyday processes, but most of us agree that Mr Lim has a good point. There’s never been a better time to embrace digitalisation in the shipping industry.

Take the guesswork out of your data process

HiLo makes digitalisation of your data simple. We collect and standardise data from every data set for all our subscribers. We use industry-leading predictive modelling to turn this data into invaluable insights that help companies to reduce their risks. Because we are the only risk management company to analyse every data set, we can spot the hidden risks that companies just cannot identify otherwise.

Our experts analyse your data to spot the leading events that can lead to incidents. By highlighting these events before they cause an issue, we empower shipping companies to address problems proactively within their fleets.

HiLo even makes it easy to access and understand your customised insights and what they mean for your crew. You can log into your own dashboard to view your analysis as and when you need to. That means you’ll have up to date reports at your fingertips, with no room for error.

We appreciate that it can be challenging to stay on top of your data from day to day. HiLo makes it easy to access insights you can rely on at a moment’s notice. That means you’ll be able to feed crucial information up to senior staff with confidence, and with the figures to back up your recommendations. HiLo offers decision-makers seamless data collection, expert analysis and life-saving insights.

Don’t be left behind

The future is digital, and HiLo helps companies of all sizes to set themselves up for success. Streamlining strong data processes today can make the future smoother and safer for your operations and your crew.

HiLo is proven to reduce risks to those working at sea. Because we identify hidden risks, you can focus on your business goals in the knowledge that you won’t be taken by surprise.

Your reporting dashboard will keep you up to date with the risks that face your crew. This ongoing bird’s eye view of your fleet will enable you to create long-term safety strategies based on the issues that are most relevant. That means you have the knowledge you need to allocate resources and budgets to the areas that need them most.

Nobody wants to be left behind while the rest of the industry embraces change. HiLo makes the digitalisation of your data a seamless process. Adopting good practice when it comes to handling your data will enable you to become a leader in marine digitalisation. What better way to demonstrate your commitment to improving safety and adopting efficient processes than joining HiLo?

HiLo is already transforming the way the industry approaches data. Becoming a subscriber will highlight your dedication to making our seas safer for everyone.

It isn’t only your company’s reputation that will benefit from HiLo. Sharing your data with us will have a positive impact on your staff. Removing the pressure of digital data management from your team means they will be free to channel their energies into the areas of the business that need them most.

Your unique HiLo insights will shine a light on the issues that require attention within your fleet, giving your staff the time and the knowledge they need to focus on key risks.

Digitalisation doesn’t have to be daunting

We all know that digitalisation of our data is a good thing, but it can still be a daunting prospect if you’re not sure where to start. With HiLo, you don’t need to be technologically driven to see and digest your fleet’s real risks. You can set up data transfer to be automatic, or HiLo can collect all your data sets in various Excel formats and do the digitalisation for you. Use whichever systems suits your company best – you will still receive highly visual insights with minimum effort.

We believe in making your data and insights accessible, enabling you to focus on what’s important. HiLo analyses data that nobody else can. That means you benefit from our unique, aerial view of the industry and your fleet simply by sharing your data.

CUPID, our Community Powered Ideas Dashboard, offers support from your peers when it comes to acting on the information in your reports. Our subscribers anonymously share their advice and best practices on CUPID, making it easy for you to find guidance from those who experienced similar issues in their own fleets without the need to meet in person.

It’s completely safe too. We have digitalised our systems in the safest way possible, certified to ISO 27001 standards. Subscribing to HiLo comes with no risk to your company’s security – and everything to gain for your crew’s safety.

It’s time to go digital

The digital revolution is already happening, and it’s going to mean changes for the entire industry. Subscribing to HiLo not only propels your fleet to the foreground of data digitalisation but also offers you access to the expertise of the industry.

We use industry-leading predictive modelling to turn data into insights. That means you’ll have constant, up to date reports to give your data a voice. We believe that you should be an expert on your fleet, and we provide a complete view of what’s happening within your company. The future of shipping is digital, and we’re here to get your fleet on board.

Are you ready to make your data work harder? Contact HiLo to find out how data sharing saves lives.


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