Improve Crew Safety Through Proactive Risk Management

HiLo Proactive Maritime Risk Management Tool

Ensuring crew safety in the maritime industry is always your biggest priority. But with shipping incidents still happening, we need to ask: how can we tackle this issue? And what is the best way to do that?

At HiLo Maritime Risk Management, we know that taking the appropriate action to manage risk will help you to avoid future catastrophe and improve crew safety. But how can you do this exactly? Our digital tool Pinpoint can help. Pinpoint helps you take the necessary steps to prevent disaster happening later. It shows you exactly what and where your issues are, and tells you how to solve them in a step-by-step manner. You can then make the proactive changes needed to protect your crew and others in future.

Igniting Change through Data

The maritime industry is producing mountains of data. There are many vessels out on the water, each with their own set of individual risks affecting crew safety. HiLo’s tool Pinpoint sorts through your data, identifying what is important, to help you protect your crews in the best way possible.

In the past, data analysis was very limited. Shipping companies only analysed their own internal data, and no one shipping company has enough incidents to develop predictive risk analysis. This meant key risks were often missed. When it came to responding to crises, action was only taken after a major incident occurred.

By using big data analytics, Pinpoint has created a whole ecosystem of cause and effect, which allows shipping companies to predict where issues will put their vessels in danger. Our trend analysis warns you ahead of time, giving you the chance to respond before an incident occurs.

Pinpoint’s analysis is 90% accurate. Pinpoint saves you the trouble of identifying, collating and standardising data, doing it all for you at the touch of a button. With all of your information in a single data warehouse, you can be sure nothing has been missed. Pinpoint shows you risks you never would have seen before, and drives data-based decisions on which actions to take to improve crew safety in the maritime industry.

Proactive over Reactive Risk Management

When it comes to crew safety in the maritime industry, you want to be aware of your risks way before they actually cause future incidents. Pinpoint can help you stay proactive and always keep on top of your risks so your crews can stay safe.

With Pinpoint, it is now possible to see high-impact events coming. You no longer have to be taken by surprise. Pinpoint transforms your data into clear actions, based on statistical analysis and prioritised in a clear risk ranking. This is based on Pinpoint’s analysis of the risks to your unique fleet.

Each small, individual risk to your vessels, no matter what it is, is accounted forYou can act early and make the small changes needed to stop disaster in the future.

Impact like never before

Despite an increase in the number of vessels at sea, incidents have reduced across the board.

From 2020-2021, the full HiLo fleet, which includes container ships and OSVs, has had a 5% reduction in spills, an 8% reduction in injuries and an overall incident reduction of 12%. Tankers, in particular, have experienced 308 fewer high-impact/potential high-impact events, 19 fewer major spills, and 9 fewer serious injuries. Bulk carriers have experienced 135 fewer high-impact/potential high-impact events and 24 fewer serious injuries.

Safer Waters today

Big data analytics are nothing without insights. Learning from each other’s past mistakes and experiences means we can create a better future for those out on the waters. We can make the important decisions and small changes needed to avoid injuries, asset damage and fatalities in future.

Pinpoint’s analysis has shown customers just how essential proper proactive risk management is when it comes to protecting lives at sea. Taking the right actions can drastically reduce incidents and improve crew safety in the maritime industry.

‘It has given us the chance to be proactive, preventing incidents before they cause harm,’ HiLo customer Seapeak says. ‘It has the potential to permanently change the industry.’

Ready to improve crew safety in the maritime industry forever? Join the HiLo fleet today.


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