Revolutionising Data To Create A Greener Planet

Revolutionising Data To Create A Greener Planet

Greener Planet: The shipping industry has to take responsibility for its impact on the environment. There is an unavoidable drive towards decarbonisation, but what other tools do we have to protect our planet?

HiLo is here to help. We have a highly effective decision support system (DSS) which can help shipping companies work towards finding solutions that can benefit the environment.

Data as Key

HiLo Maritime Risk Management uses the best data in the industry to calculate where shipping companies are at risk of a catastrophic event. Our analysis picks up clues pointing to future dangers, so managers can make small changes and prevent incidents which could destroy habitats and kill crew members. Now that we have this information, we have to use it. We can no longer talk about shipping accidents – if we can foresee it, it’s no longer an accident.

A Greener Planet

The maritime industry carries some of the most toxic materials in the world through some of the most fragile ecosystems. It is all very well to make ships cleaner, more efficient and quieter, but one high impact event can destroy all of these hard-won gains. The solution is a data-based proactive approach to safety.

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HiLo works with 50 shipping companies who manage over 3,500 vessels. We have the most complete data sources available in this industry, so we can see what risks exist and how these affect the lives of seafarers, ships, and cargo. By giving shipping companies the tools to avoid incidents, HiLo is doing its part to protect the environment. HiLo customers have seen a 5% reduction in spills, an 8% reduction in injuries and an overall incident reduction of 12% while using our analysis.

The same data we use to reduce risk can aid in reducing the environmental impact of the industry at large and so create a greener planet.

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