Want to tackle bulker safety issues?

Join IBOSF, the industry's leading forum for bulker safety issues. The Informal Bulker Operators' Safety Forum is based on the most accurate industry trend analysis, freeing up delegates to focus on innovative solutions.

Bulk carriers deserve more safety resources

IBOSF gives bulker operators the chance to share ideas and experiences, working together to prevent the incidents which have plagued bulk carriers for decades.

Bulk carriers are hugely important to the transportation of world commodities and have been around since the 1950s. They are responsible for carrying large quantities of commodities like coal, iron ore and grains. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) reports there to be around 5,000 bulk carriers trading around the world today.

Unlike tanker operators, bulker operators have never had this kind of forum before. Bulker operators have in general struggled to get attention when it comes to safety until now. HiLo is making a change to the status quo. It is time to bring bulk carrier issues into focus.

  • Impact

    IBOSF is making an impact

    HiLo identifies the key issues threatening bulk carriers. Rather than focusing on high impact incidents, like explosions or collisions, we look at the causes of those incidents. By tackling causes, not consequences, IBOSF attendees have created practical solutions which are immediately transferable to each fleet.

    HiLo's statistical analysis gives us the power to see which issues are most likely to cause a high impact incident. The solutions raised at IBOSF have the potential to drastically improve bulk carrier safety.

    IBOSF has run sessions both virtually and in-person, giving bulk carrier companies around the world the opportunity to be part of improving bulk carrier safety for future generations of seafarers.


    Why HiLo?

    HiLo holds the most complete safety database for the bulk carrier sector. HiLo has the ability to spot trends and drive valuable discussions without the need for participants to share information about incidents within their own fleets.

    Our statistical analysis shows the biggest issues affecting the bulk carrier industry. This issues are generally missed by other industry reports, which rely on publicly available data.

    HiLo customers share their full internal safety data, covering over 500 different data types. This gives us the most accurate view of the issues posing the greatest danger to bulk carriers.

    HiLo is also totally independent. Our IBOSF sessions give bulk carrier operators the freedom to discuss difficult topics without the risk of penalisation - driving greater openness and more effective discussions.

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Make Better Decisions

Fleet Risk Analysis

HiLo provides the most accurate fleet risk analysis in the industry. We identify your highest risks and the issues driving them. We give you the chance to act early and effectively, preventing incidents proactively. Save money by making changes before issues escalate. It is all possible using HiLo’s risk analysis.

Mariners helping mariners

HiLo was set up by the industry, for the industry. With over 200 years of maritime experience across multiple vessel types, we understand the difficulties of working in this fast-paced, unpredictable environment. Join industry leaders and become a HiLo partner. Together we can change the maritime industry for good.

Make an Impact

HiLo customers save time, money and lives. Between 2020-2022, the full HiLo fleet (including tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, NCTs and OSVs) has had a 5% reduction in spills, 8% reduction in injuries and overall incident reduction of 12%. Because of HiLo’s new approach to data, shipping companies are now safer than ever.

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