How Digitalisation in the Maritime Industry Gives Full Fleet Visibility

Digitalisation in the Maritime Industry

Do you know what’s happening on your ships? Using digitalisation in the maritime industry gives you full visibility of your fleet, keeping your crew safer.

Digitalisation means you can turn data into effective analysis. HiLo can do this for you using our world-leading predictive analysis system, Pinpoint.

Digitalisation in the maritime industry shows you the full picture of your fleet

Seeing a complete view of the safety of your vessels is easier than you think.

At least, it is if you are a HiLo customer. This is because HiLo has create the ground-breaking Pinpoint statistical analytics model.

Pinpoint is the first predictive analysis system in the maritime industry to be based on a foundation of full internal data from shipping companies. Previously, such models could only use the very limited publicly available data, making it impossible to reach correct conclusions. Shipping organisations were understandably reluctant to release key information for fear of repercussions or loss of competitive advantage.

This means that findings from previous models were neither extensive nor particularly accurate. Pinpoint, however, is a true gamechanger.

How digitalisation in the maritime industry uncovers the key issues

It is crucial to know the links between initial warning signals on your vessels and the resulting risk of catastrophic incidents at sea. Pinpoint will tell you what problems in your fleet are likely to have the biggest detrimental impact, and therefore which issues you need to solve first.

However, it is impossible to do this unless you have a full statistical model and critical mass of data. That critical mass required is a very large amount of detailed information. This is because the initial causes of major incidents (called ‘leading indicators’) are often small and hard to spot and identify as significant.

At HiLo we first worked with our customers to safely transfer and securely store their full vessel information in our ISO27000-certified database. This means we have all the data necessary to analyse and show the cause-and-effect relationships between minor issues and major catastrophes.

How Pinpoint is driving digitalisation in the maritime industry

The good news is that this data is now available, because new developments in technology.

Digitalization in the maritime industry means that ‘big data’ is available automatically from technological systems, both on your vessels and onshore. It also generated by employees during their day to day work. HiLo doesn’t require you to share any information you aren’t already generating as part of your operations.

However, the bad news is that working through all this data to find the most significant information is long-winded, difficult and expensive.

At least, it is if you do it yourself. But if you let HiLo do it, using our Pinpoint predictive analysis model:

  • It is quick and easy for you.
  • The model provides the most accurate results possible
  • You gain insights into industry-wide safety trends.

Pinpoint allows you to see where one leading indicator has a disproportionate impact of your risk of incidents, and act accordingly.

This is the best statistical analytics model available in the maritime industry.

How maritime industry digitalisation turns data into knowledge

Somewhere within your original data, you have everything you need to improve safety. By working it with HiLo, we can easily provide you with the knowledge you need for effective action.

We transform your data and provide:

  1. Analysis of your fleet’s issues in an easy-to-understand dashboard
  2. Clear, tangible actions you can take to resolve these problems and improve your fleet’s safety.

Your fleet’s issues are prioritised into a tailored risk register, so you know the order you should make changes in order to avoid major disasters.

This way, your knowledge becomes not just theoretical, but practical. It becomes a powerful tool to stop your vessels suffering disasters. It gives you the chance to save money, time, and most importantly, the lives of your crew.

Through digitalisation in the maritime industry, for the first time, shipping companies have the clear steps they need to take to prevent catastrophes happening to their vessels.

Use maritime industry digitalisation for full fleet visibility

Digitalisation in the maritime industry gives you full visibility of your fleet and your risks.

Do you know everything that is happening on your ships, and how to keep your crew safe?  If not, you need HiLo’s Pinpoint.

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