Ensure your crew get home safely

It may be 2021, but the risks of working at sea remain as high as they’ve ever been. The INTERCARGO Bulk Carrier Casualty Report summarised 53 bulk carrier incidents between January and the start of March this year alone. Tragically, some of these incidents included fatalities.
The industry has already seen a series of catastrophic incidents at sea this year, including an engine room fire onboard container ship Buxcliff, another bulk carrier hit by a wave in the North Atlantic, causing the death of one crew member and a container ship explosion in the Eastern Mediterranean.
We all know that a career in the maritime industry comes with inherent dangers, and we must continue to work together to increase safety standards throughout the sector. Bringing every crew member home safely is the highest priority of everyone in the industry. Our crew members place their lives in our hands every time they make a voyage, and nothing is more important than seeing them safely home to their families when their job is complete.

Never miss a risk with HiLo

HiLo is proven to help companies reduce the risks to their fleets. HiLo collects fleet data and uses industry-leading predictive modelling to analyse it. Because HiLo looks at every data set from a fleet, we spot the hidden risks. We collect data that nobody else does, enabling our experts to conduct analysis of the whole picture. Through predictive modelling, we pinpoint leading incidents and use them to highlight risks that can lead to problems in your fleet.
Our predictive modelling tool analyses hundreds of thousands of data points each year. By collecting data from shipping companies around the world, we are able to access an exceptional amount of big data. This unique bird’s eye view of the industry means we are equipped to analyse risk accurately, leaving no room for error.
With no risks unidentified, companies have a much greater chance of keeping their crews safe.

HiLo increases safety at sea

We turn our subscribers’ data into customised analysis that highlights the most pressing risks to their own fleets. Instead of relying on subjective judgement to identify the biggest threats to crew safety, our predictive modelling sees both their biggest risks and the events which lead to them.
Everyone connected to the industry feels passionate about keeping our crews safe. Even with the best of intentions, keeping one step ahead of risk can be daunting and challenging for companies of all sizes. Our reporting dashboard gives shipping companies the resources they need to manage crew safety with confidence.
HiLo subscribers can simply log in to their dashboard for clear visibility of the real risks facing their vessels and crew. This enables company leaders to address the most urgent risks, eliminating avoidable incidents before they have a chance to unfold.

The everyday impact of Hilo

HiLo’s subscribers see reduced incidents and lower risks to their fleets and crew. Our ability to analyse every data set with predictive modelling reduces the risks to bulk carriers, container ships, OSVs and tankers around the world.
Having access to accurate insights that highlight risks enables company leaders to allocate their resources more effectively. Pinpointing the areas that face the most urgent threats means that decision-makers know exactly where improvements are required. That means budgets, time and other resources can be allocated to the areas of the fleet that will benefit from them most.


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