Driving to Maritime 2050 – HiLo shortlisted for the Mersey Maritime Industry Awards 2022

Mersey Maritime Industry Awards 2022

Mersey Maritime Industry Awards 2022- HiLo Maritime Risk Management has been shortlisted for the Mersey Maritime Industry Awards 2022 for its tireless work to push forward the mission of Maritime 2050. HiLo is bringing Maritime 2050’s goal of a safer and accident-free maritime sector to fruition. With shipping companies being more proactive, HiLo is also supporting Maritime 2050’s goal of protecting the marine ecosystem and environment.

The Mersey Maritime Industry Awards celebrates the achievements of the industry’s most outstanding companies and individuals. The theme this year is ‘Our Time is Now’ with a focus on the bright future that lies ahead for the industry.

On Monday 10th October 2022, Mersey Maritime will be launching their industry voting platform which will give local, national, and international industry members the opportunity to vote for the final winners which will be announced at the awards dinner in Liverpool on Thursday 10th November 2022. Follow HiLo Maritime Risk Management on LinkedIn for your chance to vote.

16 judges from across the maritime industry reviewed and assessed all entries which were then compiled into a shortlist of 39 finalists. The judging process for this year’s awards has evolved once again with Mersey Maritime introducing ‘silent’ judges that acted as a solo judge, who independently review and score their allocated applications, without any input from the other judges

A Safer Future today

HiLo has embraced new technologies which continue to support the ongoing visions of Maritime 2050.

The power of sharing data with HiLo has helped keep countless seafarers alive, as well as contributed to reducing significant harm to the environment.

Together we can keep the maritime industry safe. Not only this, but HiLo will help solidify the UK as the global leader in maritime safety and technology worldwide. The journey towards a safer and more rewarding maritime sector starts today.

Leading Innovation

HiLo leads innovation in maritime safety and security standards through 4 industry firsts:

  1. A safe, anonymous knowledge-sharing platform where companies can exchange data for insights.
  2. Pinpoint, our advanced fleet statistical risk model and risk analysis tool.
  3. My Safety Solution (MISS), a tailored strategy based on companies’ individual data and risks, showing both where problems and how to solve them.
  4. An Informal Bulker Operators’ Safety Forum (IBOSF) where competing bulker operators share and develop new solutions to issues highlighted by HiLo.

HiLo’s maritime digital solutions take away the effort of translating analysis into tangible actions. No other service in the industry provides this level of risk management support, and a 12% incident reduction rate for HiLo fleet vessels in the last year speaks volumes.

Dramatic Growth

Maritime 2050 talked about HiLo in 2018 as “a predictive model that uses ship data to highlight a pattern of events that could lead to a major incident” and believed in its potential, noting “information is used to identify low level accident pre-cursors and flag these in order to prevent high impact incidents” and that “the technology has already been used successfully … and can be applied to all ships.” A medium-term Government priority was “to support the industry to further develop and expand the use of the technology.”


The progress in 4 years since has been phenomenal – HiLo has developed from a pilot project to a fully-fledged independent company with proven safety improvements for our clients. 5 times as many ship types as in 2018 are now part of HiLo’s 3,500-strong fleet, with more companies and ships joining every year.


HiLo’s world-leading innovations, technology and communities have helped maritime companies save time, money and lives. Shipping companies, vessels and crew are now safer than ever, driving towards Maritime 2050’s aim of cementing the UK as “the global leader in maritime safety and security standards and expertise worldwide.”

Look out for your chance to vote for HiLo Maritime Risk Management from 10 October 2022.


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