Do You Know How to Transform Your Crew Safety?

Transform Crew Safety– HiLo’s aim has always been clear and consistent: to help shipping companies save time, money and lives.

We wanted to help you and improve crew safety, by building the world’s leading maritime safety decision-making system. We succeeded.

Now we are making it even better, with actionable data and analysis. We tell you the issues, and exactly how to solve them.

Taking the next step to fleet and crew safety

Our new tool, ‘HiLo Buzz’, provides a critical extra step in the safety journey.

  • – Previously we offered data insights – what is going wrong
  • – Now we have added practical solutions: how to solve it

Buzz gives your mariners critical, time-sensitive actions – quickly. We identify the issues, and our partners UK P&I and CHIRP suggest how to resolve them.

Solving your ships’ minor issues stops them causing disasters. As Buzz uses the most up-to-date information from the HiLo fleet, we can eliminate problems as soon as they emerge.

Assess the past, fix the future

CHIRP is a voluntary reporting, incident-analysis platform. It investigates the causes of past incidents, based on information about incidents, risks and malpractices it receives from shipping companies and mariners.

This provides Buzz with further real-life data to analyse. It gives us an even better chance of preventing future disasters and vastly improving crew safety.

UK P&I are one of the world’s largest marine insurers, protecting over 240 million tonnes of owned and chartered ships. Through Buzz, they offer practical training and actions to eliminate safety risks to both fleets and crews.

Given their huge size and experience, this includes situations your mariners have no experience in facing and resolving. You can provide the best crew safety training before they face the situation in real life.

In partnership:

  • – HiLo identify the issues to solve
  • – UK P&I and CHIRP explain how to do so.

Practical solutions to save time, money and lives

By introducing HiLo Buzz, with the practical know-how from real situations brought by our partnership with CHIRP and UK P&I, we have closed the gap between analysis and action.

Previously you may have known what was wrong on your vessels, but not exactly how to solve it. With Buzz, the answer to the question ‘what do I do next?’ is laid out clearly. Based on our analysis of a particular problem, we can tell you exactly what you should tell your ships to do to solve it, step by step, to transform both crew safety and fleet safety.

Another first for Buzz is that both shoreside and shipside crewnow gain critical information from the same clear source. This ensures their safety operations are in sync.

Buzz is a monthly analysis of vessels in the HiLo family (currently more than 3,500).

Pinpoint your biggest risks

Further, HiLo Pinpoint can identify future risks unique to your fleet: those that have not occurred on your vessels yet, but are likely to. Through our dashboard you can:

  • – Find out the risks you might face
  • – Learn from the previous experience of other mariners
  • – Identify the small changes you can make to prevent incidents
  • – Vastly improve crew safety
  • – Be better prepared than ever before to avert disasters.

This helps prevent incidents occurring across the industry, making the seas safer for everyone.

Join us today and improve your crew safety and fleet safety

HiLo Buzz tells you exactly what to do in order to maintain and improve safety on your fleet. You can take tangible actions that save money, time and lives.

The more companies who share their data with us, the more we can reduce the risk of incidents that can impact the entire industry.

Talk to us and help us get more seafarers home safely.





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