Saving Lives

HiLo gives you the most accurate statistical safety analysis in the maritime industry.

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    The best in Maritime AI

    HiLo’s industry-leading AI opens up a new world of analysis. We have broken the standardisation barrier, meaning you can submit data in any digital format. From audits and inspections, to maintenance reports, you are no longer constricted to specific data sets. This gives us the most complete analysis in the maritime industry. Our AI identifies leading indicators from every part of your safety data, identifying key issues for your unique fleet. Whatever the format, we can analyse your data, so we don’t miss a thing.

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    Managing Human Reliability

    It’s well known that human reliability is involved in the vast majority of incidents. Human beings are at the core of the maritime industry, and we have to give them the best chance to succeed. The key is to understand where the weak points exist in your processes and systems – where you are vulnerable to human error. HiLo identifies clues pointing to future incidents in your fleet. This gives you the opportunity to strengthen your processes, equipment and training before anyone gets hurt.

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    Your Tailored Decision Support System

    We all carry decision support systems in our pockets. We have access to the answers to any question, as long as we have the data. HiLo has the data. We can identify where you need to act to make the most impact for your unique fleet. Our whole-picture approach means that we can see exactly where your fleet is likely to have an incident, and the small changes you can make to prevent it. HiLo gives you the chance to be proactive – our world-leading analysis collates and standardises your full data set and transforms it into a set of tangible actions.

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    Preventing Recurring Incidents

    We are used to seeing the same incidents crop up again and again. HiLo helps you find the root causes of incidents in your fleet so you can solve them once and for all. Industry-wide safety management usually comes after a high impact incident has already happened. HiLo turns this approach on its head. Our all-seeing view identifies where risk levels are ticking up across the industry, so you can tackle issues without the need for anyone to get hurt. Our knowledge centre helps you learn from your competitors’ mistakes, making the industry safer for everyone.


Make Better Decisions

Fleet Risk Analysis

HiLo provides the most accurate fleet risk analysis in the industry. We identify your highest risks and the issues driving them. We give you the chance to act early and effectively, preventing incidents proactively. Save money by making changes before issues escalate. It is all possible using HiLo’s risk analysis.

Mariners helping mariners

HiLo was set up by the industry, for the industry. With over 200 years of maritime experience across multiple vessel types, we understand the difficulties of working in this fast-paced, unpredictable environment. Join industry leaders and become a HiLo partner. Together we can change the maritime industry for good.

Make an Impact

HiLo customers save time, money and lives. Between 2020-2022, the full HiLo fleet (including tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, NCTs and OSVs) has had a 5% reduction in spills, 8% reduction in injuries and overall incident reduction of 12%. Because of HiLo’s new approach to data, shipping companies are now safer than ever.

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