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Elevate your commercial standing with our industry-leading maritime risk management platform. Proactively prevent incidents and accidents, showcasing your commitment to HSSE excellence and a culture of continuous improvement.

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HiLo’s groundbreaking data analysis gives you a complete, accurate risk profile. We use the data you already collect on board to show you where your people, assets and reputation are at risk. But we don’t just crunch the numbers. Our knowledge hub shows you how and where to act to keep your vessels safe. 


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Big data analysis – the key to proactive action

No shipping company has enough incidents to start doing predictive analytics – and you wouldn’t want to! HiLo Maritime Risk Management can, with access to the internal data of 2500 ships across over 50 companies.

Our statistics experts take that big data and find the connections between everyday actions and catastrophic incidents. As a result, we can show you exactly where you’re at risk ahead of time. Why pour resources into fixing problems, when maritime risk management can help you avoid incidents altogether?

The result? Fewer incidents, higher self-assessment performances and a better industry reputation.

End to end maritime risk solutions

From data collection to personalised actions,HiLo gives you everything you need to reduce risk to your vessels and crew. Our automated systems collect and standardise your data at the touch of a button. Our statistical analysis highlights your key areas of risk, and our maritime experts share practical next steps.

Data Collection

Data Collection

Step into the world of digital data collection. Our integrations collect your full data automatically, saving you time and effort. HiLo standardises your data regardless of format, giving you access to your full data set in one place, ready for analysis.

Risk Profiling

Risk Profiling

Our easy-to-use dashboards display your full risk profile. Benchmark against the rest of the industry or dig deep into the driving forces of your risks. From operations to human error, our risk profiling shows you where and how to act for the biggest impact on vessel safety.

Practical Insights

Practical Insights

Our insight tools are the gold standard for safety and compliance in the maritime industry. Access the best tools to improve your self-assessment performance and continuous improvement. HiLo’s insights help you achieve HSSE excellence without reinventing the wheel.

Why Choose HiLo?

Quite simply, no one can see risk like we can. Our analysis is over 98% accurate, giving you the best chance of preventing maritime incidents.

Over the past year, our customers have prevented over 2000 injuries (total) and saved an average of an average of $2.6 million by avoiding high impact incidents. Our fast-growing community include some of the safest in the industry, and you can join them.

Want to take the work out of safety management? HiLo transforms your data into clear, action-focused dashboards, freeing you up to make changes which truly improve the safety of your fleet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets HiLo Maritime Risk Management apart from other maritime safety solutions?

HiLo goes beyond traditional safety solutions by offering a comprehensive approach built on three key differentiators: 

  • Unparalleled Data Advantage: We leverage a massive internal dataset encompassing over 2,500 ships, providing richer insights and more accurate risk predictions compared to solutions relying solely on limited client-specific data. 
  • Advanced Analytics & Expertise: Our team of maritime risk management specialists combines industry knowledge with cutting-edge data science techniques (developed by LR Energy Consulting and peer-reviewed by experts). This ensures our solutions, like Risk Hawk and Pinpoint, deliver highly reliable risk assessments and actionable recommendations. 
  • Focus on Continuous Improvement: HiLo isn’t just about identifying risks; it’s about empowering you to address them proactively. We provide data-driven solutions and ongoing support to help you implement effective risk mitigation strategies and achieve lasting improvements in your safety culture and operational efficiency. 

In essence, HiLo provides a future-proofed approach to maritime risk management. We equip you with the tools, insights, and ongoing support you need to navigate the ever-evolving maritime landscape with confidence. 

Additionally, HiLo actively fosters industry collaboration through initiatives like IBOSF (Informal Bulker Operators’ Safety Forum) and partnerships with leading innovators. This commitment to collective progress ensures we’re constantly at the forefront of maritime safety advancements. 

Can you provide insights into the journey and inspiration behind the founding of HiLo Maritime Risk Management?

HiLo Maritime Risk Management wasn’t born from a single company’s vision; it emerged from a collective heartbreak – the tragic loss of life due to high-impact, low-frequency maritime accidents. In 2016, Shell Shipping and Maritime, Maersk Tankers A/S, and Lloyd’s Register Consulting came together with a single, powerful question: “Is there anything we can do to predict and prevent these tragedies?” 

These seemingly rare events were responsible for countless seafarer deaths, leaving a devastating impact on families and the industry as a whole. Determined to find a solution, HiLo’s founders embarked on a groundbreaking journey. 

Revolutionizing Risk Analysis: 

The answer came in the form of unprecedented data analysis. HiLo’s founders saw potential in a vast reservoir of untapped information – near miss, accident, and incident data. The first prototype, a first-of-its-kind maritime statistical model, was born from the collaboration of Shell and Maersk, built by LR Energy Consulting, and rigorously reviewed by experts at Imperial College London. 

Building a Collaborative Fleet: 

Knowing the power of collective learning, HiLo then reached out to industry leaders. The model was piloted by 10 high-profile shipping companies, followed by a further 20 joining the HiLo fleet. Independent review by The Alan Turing Institute further solidified HiLo’s methodology. 

From Prototype to Industry Leader: 

Incorporation in 2018 marked HiLo’s official launch as a company. Since then, the impact has been undeniable. By translating anonymized data into comprehensive risk profiles, HiLo empowers companies to identify and prevent potential catastrophes. This collaborative approach has led to a reduction of over 2,000 injuries in a single year and savings of $130 million for the HiLo fleet. 

HiLo’s story is one of shared purpose, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of safety. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration in saving lives at sea.

What role does predictive analytics play in HiLo's approach to preventing high-impact incidents in the maritime industry?

HiLo’s Predictive analytics goes beyond traditional methods to create a personalized safety roadmap for your unique operations. It’s not just about paperwork; it’s about leveraging data analytics to gain a deep understanding of your specific vulnerabilities and hazards.   


Here’s what sets HiLo Predictive analytics apart: 

* Expert Analysis:  Our team boasts over 200 years of combined maritime experience. This expertise goes into building our models and analyzing your data, ensuring insights are grounded in real-world scenarios. 


* Data-Driven Approach:  Gone are the days of manual data sorting. HiLo automates data collection and standardization, providing a clear picture of your operations.  


* World-Leading Models:  Our statistical models, developed by LR Consulting and peer-reviewed by Imperial College London, are trained on massive datasets and predict risks with over 90% accuracy.  


* Actionable Insights:  HiLo doesn’t just identify problems; it offers solutions.  Our web-based SaaS tools (Pinpoint, Pulse) pinpoint risk hotspots and recommend proactive measures to prevent incidents before they happen.

Customers we protect

Leading shipping companies worldwide trust HiLo to elevate their maritime risk management. See how HiLo empowers diverse clients to achieve safety and operational excellence.

Stolt Tankers B.V

It is one of the tools to analyse our risks of our fleet and we can see easy the Highest Risk. We use all the information in our various safety campaigns.

– Chelsea Alexander

Stolt Tankers


HiLo has changed the way the maritime industry looks at incidents. It has given us the chance to be proactive, preventing incidents before they cause harm. It has the potential to permanently change the industry

– David Hull



HiLo gives us important tools for managing risks, thereby helping us play our part in improving safety performance across the industry. With HiLo we know we’re making the right decisions

– Omar Husein

Maran Dry Management

Executive Ship Management Pte. Ltd

HiLo is a very good tool to identify trends not just within our company but get an opportunity to benchmark it with the industry.

– Chelsea Alexander

Executive Ship Management

posh_logo (1)

HiLo provides insight based on data provided and helps to focus on high impact events.

– David Hull


China LNG Shipping (Int'l) Co. Ltd.

HiLo delivers a safety performance analysis at a greater and wider level of sophistication through advanced data analytics and machine learning. But most importantly it creates a culture of shared knowledge and collaboration that helps the shipping industry to achieve a common goal of having every seafarer return back home safely.

– Omar Husein

China LNG