How can data change the way you manage maritime risk?

HiLo’s new features help you act faster in the areas which really matter.

The maritime industry is one of the most dangerous in the world. To manage the risks of this fast-moving industry, shipping companies must always be on the lookout for new way to protect their crew. Fast access to the most accurate data is key. It improves your decision-making, crew safety and allows you to stop risks in their tracks.

HiLo has developed a new way to quantify risk. By combining in depth data with world-leading statistical analysis, we give you a clear view of the risks to your unique fleet. Detailed breakdowns show you where to act long before an incident occurs.

HiLo’s role in risk management

HiLo is improving maritime safety by providing the best risk management services. Our risk analysis is 90% accurate, making it the best tool to understand potential threats to your fleet.

To make our services even better, HiLo has launched a new range of features. As well as a comprehensive risk profile, check out our new tools which will help you make even more effective safety decisions.

Let’s talk about the benefits of the new range of features.

Stats vs Actuals

Do you want to know how effectively you are managing your fleet? This feature allows you to compare your actual number of incidents and injuries with those calculated by HiLo. The difference shows the effect your actions have had on the safety of your crew. It helps the internal team to come up with better strategies and clear reports.


Benchmarking allows you to compare your existing performance against other fleets. HiLo has reconfigured our benchmarking to give you the most accurate comparisons in the industry. See how you measure up against the rest of the HiLo fleet – where are you falling behind? Where are you leading the industry?

Risk Trends

While snapshots are valuable, risk trends help you keep on top of persistent issues. You can see where risks are increasing and where you have managed to keep them low. It allows you to highlight the areas to focus on for the best safety impacts.

Current Results

The maritime industry is moving ever closer to real-time data analysis. HiLo’s ‘Current Results’ update gives you valuable risk analysis up to once a month, so you can respond quicker and better to the needs of your fleet. Act on what your crew needs now to keep them safe for the future.

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