What’s the Problem?

The maritime industry grapples with an epidemic: human error. Over 70% of maritime incidents are linked to human error, but no one has yet discovered a way to prevent it. To truly manage human error, we need proactive strategies based on up-to-date data and personalized risk management, minimizing accidents and safeguarding crews before danger strikes.

Lack of Data

Lack of Data

Human error data remains invisible. Shipping companies do not capture these crucial insights day to day, putting crew safety at risk.

Human Error Understanding

Human Error Understanding

Humans are blamed in the vast majority of maritime incidents, but there is little understanding of what really drives human reliability, or its role in maritime risk.

Reactive Analysis

Reactive Analysis

Incidents happen, often attributed to human error. Shipping companies do not have the tools to see where human error is driving risk.

What’s the Solution?

Accidents happen, but why? HiLo delves beyond blame, revealing the true drivers of human error. HiLo has created an industry first. A statistical, maritime risk-based approach to human error which shows you exactly where to act to help your crew do the best job possible.

Proactive Human Reliability

Proactive Human Reliability

HiLo shows where your operations are driving up human error. We help you take human error out of the equation altogether and improve crew safety.

Step 1
Effective Prioritisation

Effective Prioritisation

HiLo helps you prioritise actions. We understand the connections between human error and maritime risk, so you can act where it matters.

Step 2
Practical Actions

Practical Actions

We don’t see the point of generic suggestions. HiLo provides practical, effective actions tailored to your unique risks.

Step 3

Pulse: See the Patterns in Human Error

Stop waiting for accidents to reveal human error. HiLo’s Pulse analyzes day to day maritime risk data, uncovering hidden patterns and predicting potential risks to crew safety before they escalate. Imagine identifying systemic issues with fatigue, distraction, or rule violations before they lead to incidents. Pulse empowers you to:

  • Proactively intervene with targeted training, support, or reminders.
  • Optimize crew performance by addressing underlying factors that contribute to errors.
  • Reduce accidents and near misses, safeguarding your crew and vessels.
  • Move beyond reactive safety. Pulse gives you the foresight to navigate a safer future.

Product Information

Pulse: See the unseen, predict the unpredictable. Pulse, the maritime industry’s first quantitative human factors model, helps you proactively prevent incidents by:

  • Benchmarking: Compare your safety performance against 3,000 ships and 60 companies, identifying areas for improvement across 16 key factors like fatigue, communication, and distraction.
  • Harnessing existing data: No extra costs or work needed. Pulse analyses the information you already have, delivering fast, actionable insights.
  • Providing data-driven roadmaps: Pulse extracts the human error contributing to maritime risk, with targeted action plans.
ISM compliance

Benefits of Pulse

Foresight, not hindsight: Pinpoint delivers objective risk assessments, guiding strategic safety initiatives to improve crew safety.

Prioritised by Risk

See exactly what is driving human error in your fleet. Pulse breaks down your human reliability into 16 key areas, so you can focus where it matters most.


Compare your human error against the rest of the industry.


Learn from the best: HiLopedia brings industry best practices & proven solutions to your fingertips, tailored to improve human reliability for your fleet.

Key Features

Effortless data upload reveals the true picture of your maritime risk. HiLo shines a light on the human factors that truly impact safety.

Easy Upload

Easy Upload

Our automatic system transfers data with one click. No need to start collecting new types of data. HiLo can calculate human reliability risk based on the information you already collect.

Human Error Analysis

Human Error Analysis

Pulse analyses your whole fleet to find the drivers of human error. Simple, clear and prioritised, you can see exactly where to act, and where your crew already excel.

Practical Action

Practical Action

Access a wealth of actions from industry experts tailored to your specific risks. Data from over 50 shipping companies means we know how to tackle human error – take a look for yourself.

Navigate Beyond Human Error: Predict, Prevent, Protect with Pulse.

Tired of reacting to accidents after the fact? Pulse, the maritime industry’s first quantitative human factors model, empowers proactive safety management. By analysing daily operational data, Pulse unveils hidden patterns that predict potential human error risks before they escalate and threaten crew safety.

Pulse empowers you to:

  • Intervene strategically with targeted training, support, and reminders.
  • Optimize crew performance by addressing underlying behavioural factors.
  • Reduce accidents and near misses to safeguard your crew and vessels.

Move beyond reactive safety. Embrace foresight with Pulse. Request your free demo today.