Welcome to HiLo

Welcome to the HiLo team! We are a tight-knit group, passionate about improving maritime safety through technology. With 3 distinct specialisms, our team are experts in:

– Maritime safety
– Risk analysis
– Innovative technology.

Making maritime voices heard

We share ideas and experiences, using the best technology has to offer to create solutions which really impact the maritime industry.

Community is at the core of sustainable improvements in our industry, and we make sure maritime voices are always heard. To stay at the forefront of maritime needs, our customers sit on our board. Check out our current representatives below:

Board of Directors

Ed Barsingerhorn


Ed became a Master in 1995. In 2013, Ed was appointed GM for Shell Shipping & Maritime – Europe & Africa before becoming GM Global Maritime Standards & Assurance. Ed led the regional maritime activities of Shell across all businesses with a special focus on safety.

He also led the highly successful European and African "Partners in Safety" programme.

Paolo Eniozi


Paolo Enoizi joined GasLog Limited and GasLog Partners LP in August 2019 and was appointed Chief Operating Officer in September 2019. Paolo was most recently Managing Director of Stolt Tankers BV Rotterdam. His previous roles also included Director of Technical & Innovation and General Manager of Newbuilding & Technical. He has led major business transformations, integration of company acquisitions and operational improvement initiatives in areas such as process optimisation, cost reductions, digitalisation and business intelligence.

Non-Executive Director

  • HiLo Team

    HiLo’s team is made up of experts from around the world, with experience of many different industries.

    We work together to enhance the approach to maritime safety.

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