• My Safety Solution

    Our customers asked us to take the next step - to provide an end-to-end service, confirming where they need to act and what they need to do.
    That is now just what we have done. This means:


    We could show what and where your issues are

    Now we can also:

    Tell you how to solve them, in clear easy steps
    Show the priority order to work on them, based on our analysis of how and when risks are likely to escalate.

  • Measure the impact of your safety improvements

    Our maritime safety decision-making system can both:

    1.Show you what to do to improve your vessel, fleet and crew’s safety
    2.Compare our statistical calculations with the number of incidents you experience

    Through our fleet risk analysis, we put together our statistical calculations of how many incidents of each type you are likely to have based on:

    A.The leading events and incidents you have submitted to us from your internal data
    B.Probability calculations from our world-leading model

    This means that you can see the effects of the actions you have taken to prevent incidents. Highlight the crew injuries and cost you have prevented From the number of incidents we have avoided through our fleet risk analysis, we can tell you how many injuries you have prevented

  • Maritime risk trends

    The vast data from our 4,000 strong fleet and maritime safety experts allows us to show you wider maritime risk trends.

    These show where your risk levels are increasing or decreasing. This means:

    • You can act early to stop emerging risks turning into incidents.
    • It stops you having to always react to the ‘biggest risk of the day’
    • You can be more proactive in improving safety for the long term.

  • The best benchmarking data

    HiLo has a much more complete picture, through the huge amount of internal data from our customers. We can deliver the most accurate benchmarking to make your vessels and crew safer.

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